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Hemlington Grange

The old hospital Site - Hemlington Grange - Middlesbrough

Taylor Wimpey has been granted Outline planning consent for 1,230 new homes and Detailed planning consent for a first phase of 124 new homes and associated green space and access at Hemlington Grange, also known as the Old Hemlington Hospital Site.

  • Overview

    About the Site

    The proposed development site is currently owned by Middlesbrough Borough Council and is a mixture of both Greenfield and Brownfield land having previously accommodated Hemlington hospital.

    The development will include:

    • 1,230 homes to be delivered over the next 15 to 20 years.   
    • Creation of large area of green spaces including parkland and children's play spaces  
    • Creation of new network of public footpaths, linking to those in the surrounding areas.
    • Preservation of the rural character of Stokesley Road and recognition of the Urban character of Hemlington to the North.

    A Planning application for the Outline development (the site as a whole) and Taylor Wimpey’s Phase 1 scheme was submitted to Middlesbrough Borough Council on the 22nd January 2015 and approved on the 8th April 2016.

    The planning application can be viewed on Middlesbrough Council's planning portal under reference M/FP/0082/16/P


    Three public consultations have taken place for this development, in October 2013, December 2013 and December 2015. Since this time plans for the site have been worked on in conjunction with Middlesbrough Borough Council.

    Click here to see December 2015 Consultation Boards - Part One

    Click here to see the December 2015 Consultation Boards - Part Two

  • About the Site

    The residential development site covers an area of 57 hectares, or 140 acres. The site is located on the southern edge of Middlesbrough, immediately to the south of Stainton Way. It is majority undeveloped greenfield land in close proximity to the urban areas of Hemlington and Coulby Newham.  Existing housing is located opposite the site to the north and also to the east and west, with agricultural land to the southern boundary. The centre of Middlesbrough is located approximately 5.5km to the north with the nearest railway station located 4km east of the site in Nunthorpe. Ecological value is mainly limited to boundary hedgerows and trees, many of these we will be retaining and incorporating into the design.   

    The Need for New Housing:

    Nationally there is a need for new homes amounting to around 3 million being required between now and 2025. Such needs have now led to the average first time buyer age being 37 (expected to increase to 43 in coming years), and to large numbers of families living in inappropriate accommodation. Whilst people may not always agree with the location of a particular development, people broadly appreciate that new homes are needed. New homes are needed now to ensure that local people can find the home that they want and can afford, without having to move away from the area.

  • What's proposed?

    The masterplan displays our proposals for 1,230 family homes. These will range from small, starter homes right through to large detached homes. We hope to reflect both the urban character of Stainton Way and the rural feel of Stokesley Road and the land to the South in the house type design and character.

    Our masterplan also shows large areas of green space and parkland, a number of new footpaths and areas for play. We plan to retain a large amount of existing healthy trees and hedgerows to add to the character and maturity of the site,  enhancing with new landscaping to screen the development and preserve existing wildlife habitats.

    The proposed development will include:

    • 1,230 new homes
    • 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties
    • Roundabout accesses from Stainton Way 
    • Signalised T-Junction access from Stokesley Road
    • Pedestrian and Cycle links throughout the development
    • New homes designed to create a sense of place and character
    • Areas of public open space as Parks and for Children's play areas.
    • Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) to manage surface water run-off within the site and ensure the development does not increase the risk of flooding elsewhere

    Phase One:

    124 Homes developed by Taylor Wimpey.

    A mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties with a signalized T-junction from Stokesley Road.

  • Community benefits

    The development of the Hemlington Grange site will not only provide a range of new housing that will contribute greatly towards Middlesbrough Borough Council's requirement of new homes over the next 15 years. The site will also facilitate the introduction of new local amenities and facilities, as well as the enhancement of existing ones, that could otherwise not be provided or sustained

    We expect there to be a wide range of community benefits that accompany the site:

    • We employ a wide range of trades providing opportunities for local individuals and sub-contractors. We will also be looking to recruit apprentices from the immediate area to build a career with Taylor Wimpey.
    • A community regeneration budget of £500,000 will be invested in local facilities and spaces which would benefit from such funds.
    • Creation of areas of public open space and recreation areas, including high quality landscaped areas within the site.

    We very much welcome people's views on what we are proposing and see them as starting point for discussion. We intend to discuss with people any comments or alternative suggestion they have with the aim of delivering facilities that will be most beneficial to the community surrounding the site.


  • News and Updates

    May 2015

    Taylor Wimpey worked alongside Hemlington's Ward Councillors, the Linx Project and Swift-Tees to organise Tour de Hemlington. The free event took place in and around Hemlington Recreation Centre, and included a wide selection of activities, including organised bike rides, a 5km fun run, a community stroll, a “bike doctor” surgery, and a youth disco.



    • April 2016

    Planning consent granted for Taylor Wimpey's Outline application for 1,230 new homes and associated landscaping and access works at Hemlington Grange and detailed consent for the first phase of 124 new homes.

    • January 2016

    A planning application has now been submitted by Taylor Wimpey to Middlesbrough Borough Council. Reference Number M/FP/0082/16/P.

    This application can be viewed on the Planning Portal website http://www.middlesbrough.gov.uk/?articleid=2276 

    • December 2015

    Thank you to all those who attended our Consultation events. Comments received are currently under review.

    • November 2015

    A third Community Consultation event is planned for the following dates:

    Tuesday 1st December 2015:       3.30pm – 6.30pm:      Hemlington Recreation Centre, Cass House Road, TS8 9QW

    Wednesday 2nd December 2015:    3.30pm – 6.30pm:       The Sporting Lodge Inn, Low Lane, Stainton, TS17 9LW

    Please come along whilst we present our plans and let us know what you think.  

    If you aren't able to make it to the event all materials are available to download from this website - please see the Overview section.

    • July 2015

    Hemlington Juniors football club has secured a second year of sponsorship from Taylor Wimpey to invest in much-needed match day kits for the players. Since their launch last year the Club has already doubled in size making it clear how central it is to the local community. 

    TW are delighted to be on board again and we hope the kits bring the players some luck for the forthcoming season.


    • December 2014 Update

    Taylor Wimpey are pleased to have been contacted by The Unicorn Riding Centre who neighbour the site at Hemlington Grange to see if we could assist in the purchase of a new saddle. We hope that local associations like these can be maintained throughout the lifetime of the proposed site in order to embed a new development into the surrounding community.


    • October 2014 Update

    Taylor Wimpey are proud to announce their sponsorship of Hemlington Juniors FC Under 7's and Under 8's teams as they begin their first ever season in the Teesside Junior Football Alliance. We wish them the best of luck in the season ahead.


    • June 2014 Update

    Ecological reports are now completed and designs for Site Access and layout are nearing completion.

    • March/April 2014 Update

    Ecology surveys are highly seasonal, as such we are now carrying out further ecology surveys which may only take place between the months of March and September.

    • February 2014 Update

    Additional Site Investigations and Design work is underway.

    Contractors working on site are undertaking ground investigations, ecology surveys and a number of exploratory works in order that designs can be accurate and fit with the existing opportunities and constraints of the site

    • January 2014 Update:

    Previously we have run two consultation events spanning 5 dates. The idea of the first was to display some very initial plans and to collect your feedback and ideas. At the second consultation we then displayed how we have taken your ideas and incorporated them into our revised plans.

    In summary, this included:

    • An improved mix of house types to include more starter and family homes as you suggested.
    • Added four play areas of differing styles across the development to cater for a variety of age ranges. 
    • Integrated foot and cycle paths to the surrounding area.
    • Increased the size of Sustainable Urban Drainage provision.
    • Created a design code to improve character.
    • Worked on preferred access solutions from Stainton Way and Stokesley Road.

    Thank you to all of those who highlighted how we could improve the scheme.

    December 2013 Update:

    Thank you to those who attended our second consultation events in Hemlington and Stainton.

    November 2013 Update:

    Taylor Wimpey are giving you the opportunity to name the new development. Although best known as the former location of Hemlington Hospital, the site is without any real identity. We are looking to rectify this by offering a prize of £100 in high street vouchers for the person who submits a winning name. Email Hemlington@taylorwimpey.com with your suggestion along with your name and address by Friday, December 6 2013 for a chance to win.

    October 2013 Update:

    Thank you to those who attended our first consultation events.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.