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North Northallerton

North Northallerton Development Area - Northallerton - North Yorkshire

The North Northallerton Development area is situated principally to the East of Darlington Road and West of Stokesley Road. Planning Consent has been granted for up to 900 alongside a new Primary school, local centre and strategic link road.

  • Overview

    The North Northallerton site is located at the Northern extent of the town, with Northallerton well served by road, rail and bus routes. The consented area spans across the Northern extent of the town incorporating land to the West of Stokesley Road and East of Darlington Road. The site serves as a natural extension to Northallerton whilst at the same time leaves a strategic gap to the North.

    The site is strategically well placed in terms of the ability to deliver a link road which will allow traffic from the development and existing employment and residential areas to effectively traverse Northallerton and which will allow traffic heading South from either the East or the West to cross Northallerton without passing through the Town Centre.

    The site has been the subject of previous consultation and this application builds on the framework document prepared on behalf of Hambleton District Council and shown on the illustrative masterplan shown above.

    The detail shown on the Masterplan Framework has evolved since the Local Development Framework was adopted. The Planning Application reflects the aims and objectives of the Masterplan Framework.

    Sales Information

    Please be advised that the first release of house styles, prices and completion dates are not available until the Sales Information Centre is open on site. 

    Please register your interest to be added to our mailing list, details will be emailed once confirmed information is available.

  • About the Site

    The North Northallerton Development area is situated principally to the East of Darlington Road and West of Stokesley Road, with two smaller areas to the West of Darlington Road and the East of Stokesley Road, to the North of Thurston Road Industrial Estate, with Northallerton being defined in the Local Development Framework as a Principal Service Centre.

    Northallerton Town Centre lies approximately 2 kilometres to the South of the site and offers a wide range of retail outlets including a large Supermarket and local shops. Northallerton is the principal settlement within the district of Hambleton.
    Allertonshire Secondary School lies to the South of the development site and land will be made available for a new Primary School should this be required over the plan period. Northallerton is home to the Friarage Hospital and a number of Doctors’ Surgeries within the Town Centre.

    Although there are available recreational and leisure facilities already provided for in Northallerton, the North Northallerton consent incorporates a significant area of land to be developed by the Council and local sports groups to establish sports playing pitches and community gardens (allotments).


    Planning Context

    The site has been granted Outline consent for up to 900 new homes alongside a strategic Link Road, Neighbourhood Centre, a Primary School and leisure facilities.
    Detailed consent has been issued for the Link Road and a first phase of 291 new homes.

    The development provides the opportunity for an integrated approach to delivering the Council’s requirements for residential and employment land for Hambleton and in particular Northallerton as a principal service centre allowing a comprehensive assessment of all planning related matters over a 15 to 20 year period. 

  • Development Proposals

    Mulberry Homes (Yorkshire) Limited, Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon Homes have been granted Plannnig Consent to develop the site known as North Northallerton, located to the North of the Thurston Road Industrial Estate, East of Darlington Road and West of Stokesley Road, Northallerton, which is a Principal Service Centre in the district of Hambleton that is served by road, rail and bus routes. The site comprises some 53 hectares of land to the North of Northallerton and is framed by Stokesley Road to the East, Darlington Road to the West and the Thurston Road Industrial Estate to the South. The railway line linking Northallerton to Middlesbrough and the North East runs in a North/North East and South/South West direction.

    The consented development comprises up to 900 houses of which 291 have been granted detailed consent to form the first phase of development. A proportion of the housing will be affordable with land to the South of the new link road being proposed in part for commercial and retail development. To the East of the railway line and to the West of Northallerton Road is the proposed Halfway Park Sports Village comprising sports pitches and allotments. Land for a new Primary School will be provided west of the railway. The Scheme is to be developed over the plan period of the Local Development Framework, spread over 15 years. This allows for an integrated and sustainable approach to the strategic expansion of Northallerton.

    New Homes

    The allocated site is led by a Developer Consortium comprised of Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon and Mulberry Homes. Phase 1 will be split into 2 areas developed by Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon Homes.

    Taylor Wimpey Phase One

    The first phase of development at the eastern extent of the application site comprises 141 residential dwellings by Taylor Wimpey. The scheme will incorporate an element of affordable housing as well as bungalows. Access will be off the new roundabout on Stokesley Road. The scheme provides for attractive frontages to Stokesley Road and uses the existing watercourse which runs through the site as a principal feature with crossing points to allow connectivity around the site and beyond. The scheme incorporates various different house types including 2, 3 and 4 bedroom dwellings and therefore provides a wide choice for potential purchasers.
    The components used to design the dwellings readily create interesting street scenes and include varying eaves and ridge heights, subtle variation in detail and a simple palette of natural materials.

    Phase 1 Location Plan

    TW P1

    Persimmon Phase One

    The first phase of development at the Western extent of the application site comprises 150 residential dwellings by Persimmon Homes. Access will be off a new roundabout on Darlington Road.  

    PH Phase 1 Location

    Leisure and Recreation

    Land to the South of the link road and to the East of the railway line and West of Northallerton Road is to be used for community uses. These include community gardens (allotments) and large and small playing pitches for multi games usage.

    Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs)

    A drainage strategy has been designed for the proposed development to avoid impacts on surrounding areas. During large storms, excess surface water run off will be collected and temporarily stored in shallow-sided, grassed ‘retention basins’, from which water will be slowly released over a period of 24 hours.


    The site is located in a highly sustainable location and is to be developed over a 15 to 20 year period in an integrated and sustainable way.
    Access to the site will be from new roundabouts off Darlington Road and Stokesley Road at the Western and Eastern extents of the site with a provision of a new bridge crossing over the railway line. The site affords good access to local schools and shops and will provide new neighbourhood facilities directly adjacent to the new homes and businesses. Northallerton Road will become a through route for pedestrians and cyclists only, with access south from the Strategic Link Road closed off to vehicles.

    Green Corridors

    The development will be set within a network of linear greenways which will provide for the immediate informal recreational needs of new residents, complimenting the proposed new leisure and open space areas forming part of the Halfway Park Sports Village.
    This will also contribute to improving bio diversity opportunities. Footpaths and cycle ways through the green spaces will provide links to the established recreational routes close to the site, as well as convenient connections to the new neighbourhood facility, local schools and Northallerton Town Centre. Play areas, some containing play equipment, will be provided throughout the site as part of the residential development.

    Green Infrastructure

    Link Road and Bridge

    A key element of this development is the proposed strategic link road between the A167 Darlington Road and A684 Stokesley Road which will include a bridge crossing the Northallerton to Middlesbrough railway line.
    The strategic link road has been designed in accordance with the Department of Transport’s Design Manual for Roads and Bridges to accommodate all traffic and provide an attractive east-west route particularly for HGVs which currently have to travel to the town centre or use Friarage Street to travel between the A167 and A684 east of Northallerton.
    It will have a 30 miles per hour design speed and will ensure it is an attractive route for commercial and other vehicles wishing to avoid Low Gates level crossing and the town centre. The bridge will span both the railway and the beck and has been designed to enable the future electrification of the rail line.



  • Community Benefits

    The North Northallerton development will provide a number of Community Benefits, none more so than the delivery of a new east-west link road and bridge across the Northallerton-Middlesbrough rail line. This will allow for an alternative route across town and reduce queuing at the Low Gates level crossing.

    The scheme also includes new recreation facilities including new playing pitches and allotments. Affordable housing will be provided across the development alongside new areas of public open space.

  • News and Updates

    November 2015

    Hambleton District Council Planning Committee has awarded a resolution to grant to the submitted outline and reserved matters scheme. 

    Hambleton Council Website update:


    We are now working with the Council to bring the site and associated infrastructure forward.


    May 2015

    An Outline planning application has been submitted for up to 900 homes, employment uses, a neighbourhood shopping centre, extra care facilities, a primary school and community uses - sports pitches and allotments.

    The submission also includes an application for full consent for the strategic North Northallerton Link Road and Bridge over the mainline railway, 298 residential homes (150 by Persimmon to the east of Darlington Road and 141 by Taylor Wimpey to the west of Stokesley Road), sustainable urban drainage systems and a village green.

    All documents associated with the Site can now be viewed on Hambleton District Council's planning portal under application reference number: 15/01083/HYB

    April 2015

    A Community Consultation event was held at the Golden Lion Hotel in Northallerton on Monday 13th April between the hours of 2 and 9pm. The boards on display can be found below:

    View Consultation Boards

    The Consultation had a turnout of over 500 residents to view our proposals and to feedback their comments.

    Thank you to all those who took the time to attend.