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Development Land off Barton Road, Barton Seagrave

Barton Road - Barton Seagrave - Kettering - Northamptonshire

Taylor Wimpey has completed a revised full planning permission for a residential development of 167 new homes on land off Barton Road, Barton Seagrave, Kettering, Northamptonshire and we are delighted that this application has now been approved by Kettering Borough Council

  • Overview

    Land off Barton Road

    On 17th March we recieved a resolution to grant detailed planning for our new homes development of 167 new homes at the Barton Road site.

    The site forms part of a wider area which benefits from outline planning permission granted in April 2010 for 5,500 new homes on land to the east of Kettering, known as the East Kettering Sustainable Urban Extension.

    Our proposed development would be one of the first phases of this urban extension and is supported by the North Northamptonshire Core Spatial Strategy which identifies the wider site as suitable for strategic housing allocation.

    A public consultation was held in December 2012 at Barton Seagrave Community Centre, giving local people the opportunity to find out more about our emerging scheme and provide their feedback.

    Following this public consultation, we submitted our full planning application to Kettering Borough Council in June 2013 which was subsiquently withdrawn whilst further negotiations on the much wider scheme were held.

  • About the site

    The development


    Barton Seagrave aerial plan

    The location of our proposed development (image: Google)

    Our proposed development site covers an area of 7.9 hectares and is currently in agricultural use.

    It is located to the east of Barton Seagrave, which is a suburb of Kettering. The town centre is approximately 1.5 miles away and Junction 10 of the A14 is nearby.

    The masterplan will provide two local centres, each 1km from the development site. A new local centre will be provided adjacent to the eastern boundary of the site as part of the wider the East Kettering Sustainable Urban Extension proposals.

    The site is bordered by existing residential development off Warkton Lane to the north and west and Grendon Drive to the south. To the east lies open farmland.

    The site contains an existing residential dwelling and detached garage in the south-western corner and two electricity sub-stations.

    An existing public right of way also passes through the southern end of the site, while a ditch runs along the eastern boundary.

    The boundary of the site is made up of existing hedgerow.

    The site lies entirely within Flood Zone 1, which is the lowest risk level.


  • What's proposed

    Our proposals


    Barton Seagrave open space

    Public open space at our proposed development, click to enlarge image.

    Following discussions with Kettering Borough Council, we developed a masterplan for our proposed Barton Road development in line with the existing consent for the East Kettering Sustainable Urban Extension.

    The scheme has been designed to work within the constraints and opportunities of the site to create an attractive and sustainable development that respects the amenity of neighbouring properties.

    Key elements of the proposed development are as follows:

    • 167 new homes
    • 15 affordable homes for the local community
    • A mixture of 2, 3, 4 and 5-bedroom homes
    • Access from a new junction on Barton Road
    • Pedestrian and cycle access via Poplar’s Farm Road
    • Village green in the east of the site
    • Public open space in the south of the site forming part of the new Crescent Park
    • Enhanced tree planting
    • Public right of way retained
  • Community

    Local contributions

    A number of contributions will be made to the local community as part of the overall East Kettering Sustainable Urban Extension. These contributions include:

    • £20 million for town centre improvements
    • £20 million for primary education provision
    • £7.5 million for secondary education provision
    • £13 million for highways improvements
    • £3 million for public transport improvements
    • A new district centre
    • 750sqm of Community Building

    We will be providing a direct proportion of these contributions for each new home that we build on our proposed Barton Road development, based on its size in relation to the wider East Kettering Sustainable Urban Extension scheme.

  • Updates

    Development timeline

    Summer 2015 Works planned to start

    April 2015 S106 Completed

    17th March 2015 - Application approved subject to the completion of a S106

    August 2014 - Revised full application to be submitted

    May 2014 - New and revised outline planning permission granted

    Autumn 2013 - Application withdrawn

    June 2013 – Full planning application submitted for the Barton Road scheme

    December 2012 – Public consultation held for the Barton Road scheme

    April 2010 – Outline planning permission granted for the East Kettering Sustainable Urban Extension