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Land off Warwick Road, Banbury

Land to the west of Warwick Road - Banbury - Cherwell

We are currently awaiting Reserved Matters approval for proposed development at Warwick Road, Banbury.

  • Overview


    Our Development Site

    We are currently planning on acquiring 32.76% of the Miller Homes site at Warwick Road, Banbury. This site benefits from outline planning permission. The site has outline planning consent for no more than 300 dwellings of which Taylor Wimpey are looking to build 98 of the 300 dwellings. Each parcel of the site will contain 30% affordable housing.

    Taylor Wimpey will be working in a consortium deal with Miller Homes to deliver the development. The new development will contain areas of open space with local play equipment, allotments and 500sqm of retail space as well as new housing for Banbury. The site will be accessed from two points from Warwick Road with one off the roundabout at Greenwood Centre and the other between Firtree Close and Ellison Drive.

  • About the site

    About the Site

    Development Site

    The site is currently an agricultural field that consists of a total of 29.6 acres. Taylor Wimpey portion of the site consists of 6.6 acres. The site is situated on the outskirts of Banbury just North West of the town within Cherwell District Council.

    The site is bordered by agricultural land to the North and West with new and existing residential development to the East and North Oxfordshire Academy to the South.

    The site benefits from outline planning permission for up to 300 units with Taylor Wimpey constructing 98 houses and Miller Homes building the remaining 202. The development will add to the further expansion of North West Banbury and bring much needed housing to the area.

    Flood Risk

    The entire site sits within Flood Zone 1 meaning there is very little risk of flooding.


    The site will have two access points from Warwick Road. One access will be in the North-East Corner by creating a new entry/ exit on the western arm of the existing three-armed roundabout, and the second on the eastern boundary between Ellison Drive and Firtree Close.


    Due to hedgerows bordering the development site, care is to be taken during bird nesting season. The hedgerows that border the site will be kept as part of the development.

    A total of five badger setts were previously recorded on the site boundaries. An active sett was found in the south along the eastern boundary. Miller Homes have confirmed the active sett has been closed and the relevant planning condition discharged.

    There are 4 trees adjacent to our parcel in the North East that have limited potential for bat roosting. It has been recommended that these trees are retained. Care is to be taken to avoid direct lighting on the four trees. 

  • What's proposed

    What's Proposed

     Our Proposal

    The total site will contain 300 homes. Miller Homes will have 202 homes in their parcel. Taylor Wimpey’s parcel will contain 98 dwellings which includes private and affordable homes. The overall development will contain:

    • Two points of access from Warwick Road
    • Areas of open space
    • Allotments
    • 500 sqm of retail space

    New Homes

    Our proposed development for our parcel will include a mixture of two, three and four bedroom houses, compromising of both detached and semi-detached houses. There will be 68 private homes in total in our parcel.

    Affordable Housing

    The development will have 30% affordable housing which equates to a total of 30 affordable homes. 50% of the affordable houses will comply with Lifetime Homes standards. The affordable homes will also be designed to the same external design as the market dwellings to give better design across the site. The affordable homes will be constructed to meet HCA Design and Quality Standards and will be at least a Level 4 of the Code of Sustainable Homes.

    2% of the affordable homes will meet Wheelchair Standards. 70% of the affordable homes will be socially rented and 30% will be available for shared ownership.

    Parking Provisions

    Resident’s car parking within our proposed development will largely take the form of garages and driveways.

    Landscaping and Open Space

    There will be central open space area with children’s play facilities within Miller Home’s portion of the development site.

    Warwick Road

    Click here to download the planning layout.


    Warwick Road - Street Scenes

  • Community

    Community Benefits

    Community Benefits

    The community will benefit from new private and affordable housing to the area and new/improved local facilities through the development and the contributions that will be made through the S106. The S106 contributions will be made to Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council. The contributions cover many different areas such as money towards education, public transport, off-site sports contributions and public amenity space.

    There will also be 500 sqm of retail space as part of the development which will bring in jobs to the area and much need services to the new development and the surrounding residential areas.

  • Updates

    News and Updates


    • 27th November 2017 – Reserved Matters submitted for approval.
    • March 2018 – Reserved Matters approval.
    • August 2018 – Taylor Wimpey aim to start on site.
    • April 2019 – First residents move in.