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Land north of Green Lane - Chesterton - Oxfordshire

We now have detailed planning permission for a new residential development in Chesterton, Oxfordshire.

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  • Overview

    Our development proposals

    We have planning permission for a residential development of 45 new homes in Chesterton.

    Our scheme includes an area of public open space for the benefit of new and existing local residents, and a new junction will provide vehicle access to the new homes from the lane between Green Lane and the A4095.

    A public consultation was held in July 2014 at Chesterton village hall, giving local people the opportunity to help shape our proposed scheme by providing their feedback. You can view our exhibition boards by clicking here.

  • About the site

    Our development site

    2325_104 Landscape Opps and Cons


    A constraints and opportunities plan for the site. Click on the image to enlarge.


    The development site covers an area of approximately 6.8 acres and is bordered by allotments to the north-east and by a single-track lane to the north-west. Existing houses off Fortescue Drive and The Woodlands can be found to the south-east, while farmland lies to the south-west.

    Flood risk and drainage

    As the site is currently undeveloped, existing rates of surface water run-off will need to be maintained (known as greenfield run-off rates) post development. This is in line with current National Planning Policy Framework, and the proposals will be designed in consultation with the lead local flood authority and the Environment Agency.

    Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) will be used where possible, in order to mimic the natural surface water drainage of the site prior to development. This is likely to include the use of an attenuation basin with infiltration (should ground conditions allow) and porous paving. Where infiltration techniques are not sufficient to manage surface water, a connection will be made from the attenuation basin to existing Thames Water systems with flow rates limited to greenfield run-off rates.

    Foul water drainage will be connected to the Thames Water system, and consultation is currently ongoing with regard to acceptable flow rates.


    Chesterton is located approximately 1.5 miles to the south-west of Bicester, with its range of shops, restaurants and leisure facilities. There is a village primary school in Alchester Road, a short walk from the development.

    A local bus service runs from the centre of Chesterton into Bicester, while Bicester North railway station offers direct services to London Marylebone and Birmingham. The A41 is within easy reach of the development for the M40 and A34.


    A landscape and visual assessment identifies that the site is very well contained in terms of views from the wider area by existing mature vegetation at the majority of the site boundaries.


    An ecological appraisal has found that boundary hedgerows are of ecological interest and these would be sympathetically retained as part of our development. The hedgerow that runs through the centre of the site would be removed to facilitate development, though there are opportunities to compensate for the loss of hedgerow through improvements to the northern boundary hedge to create an enhanced wildlife corridor.

    A range of further ecological surveys have been undertaken including surveys for birds, bats, reptiles and amphibians. The results of these surveys will be used to inform mitigation and enhancement measures to ensure that the development would not harm local biodiversity.


    An assessment of all trees at the site has been undertaken by a qualified arboriculturist. The best quality trees occur along the southern and eastern boundaries and these will be sensitively retained as part of our development.


    An archaeological assessment of the site has been carried out and further investigation of the potential for the site to contain buried archaeology is now underway. 

    The results of this archaeological work will allow an informed decision to be made as to whether buried archaeology is present and if archaeological mitigation works will be required.

  • What's proposed

    Our proposals


    LSD129021 Illustrative Masterplan 

    An initial layout plan for our proposed development. Click on the image to enlarge.

    This image shows an initial layout masterplan for our proposed development. It is intended as a general guide to show you how the properties, open space and internal roads could be arranged. This layout is not final and certain elements could be changed in our planning application, depending on the comments we receive during public consultation and future discussions with the local authority.

    New homes

    Our proposed development includes a mixture of two, three, four, and five-bedroom houses, comprising predominantly detached and semi-detached homes. The proposed new homes will be traditional in design and in keeping with neighbouring residential areas.

    Affordable housing

    40% of the new homes in our proposed development will be provided as affordable housing. Affordable housing provision is likely to include a mixture of two, three, and four-bedroom homes to be made available for social rent and shared ownership through a local housing association.

    Parking provision

    Residents’ car parking within our proposed development will largely take the form of garages and driveways, with a limited number of on-street parking spaces provided for visitors. Parking provision will be in line with Oxfordshire County Council’s adopted parking standards as stated in ‘Transport for New Developments: Parking Standards for New Residential Developments’.

    Access junction and highways

    Vehicle access to the development will be from the lane between Green Lane and the A4095. The junction is likely to take the form of a T–junction, with traffic on Green Lane having priority. A development of this size can be expected to generate approximately 225 vehicle movements a day, with 26 two–way movements (less than one vehicle every two minutes) during the peak hours.

    A new pedestrian link will also be provided from the development to the village centre. 

    A Travel Information Pack will be provided for each new home which will include information on walking, cycling and public transport and where possible vouchers or taster tickets.

    Road layout

    The internal road layout will comprise one primary road running from the lane between Green Lane and the A4095 and branching off into two secondary roads leading to private driveways and cul–de–sacs.

    Landscaping and open space

    An area of public open space is proposed for the centre of the development to provide opportunities for informal recreation for the new residents. There will also be new tree planting and landscaping.


  • Community

    Local contributions

    As our planning application has been approved, we will provide a number of contributions towards the local community.

  • Updates

    Development timeline

    July 2014 - Public consultation held

    October 2014 - Outline Planning Application Submitted

    February 2016 - Outline Permission Granted

    February 2016 - Detailed Planning Application Submitted

    December 2016 - Detailed Planning Permission Granted