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Hagbourne Fields

Land to the south of Great Western Park - Didcot - Oxfordshire

We are preparing an outline planning application for a residential development of new homes at Hagbourne Fields, Didcot. 

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  • Overview

    Hagbourne Fields

    We are preparing an outline planning application for a residential development of new homes at Hagbourne Fields.

    As a considerate and responsible developer, we strive to ensure that local people, businesses and community groups are kept fully informed of our proposals – and give them every opportunity to comment on our plans so we can respond positively to local views.

    We have therefore invited residents to view our proposals and tell us what they think before finalising our plans.

    Our public exhibition was held at The Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot, on Thursday 9th November from 1pm to 8pm, when visitors were able to view our emerging proposals, speak to experts from our project team, ask questions and provide us with feedback on the scheme.

    The comments we receive from local residents will help us to refine our emerging plans before we finalise and submit a detailed planning application to South Oxfordshire District Council.

    You can see the exhibition boards displayed at the event by clicking here. If you have any further comments or queries then please contact nick@spbroadway.com


    Proposed changes as a result of community consultation

    After carefully assessing comments from the public exhibition held in November we have decided to change various aspects of the Hagbourne Fields scheme. 


    Reduction in number of homes

    We are reducing the overall number of homes – the initial plans which were on display at the public exhibition were for up to 1,050 homes, however we now intend to submit a planning application for 903 homes.


    Coalescence and open space

    One theme which was referenced throughout the exhibition related to concerns of coalescence and loss of open space. We have decided to reduce the size of the Hagbourne Fields site, setting the development back from Park Road and removing significant acreage from the original plans (located at the South East of the site). This will increase the separation between Hagbourne Fields, Coscote, East Hagbourne and West Hagbourne in comparison with the previous proposals while maintaining a more open setting.


    Traffic and access

    In order to address concerns relating to additional traffic passing through West and East Hagbourne we have amended the Hagbourne Fields spine road access point at the junction with Park Road. The access point will be a T-junction, set slightly further back than the original access point and will be a priority access through Hagbourne Fields, this will encourage drivers to link into Valley Park and the Harwell Bypass, rather than travelling through the villages.

    HF Image 2


    Community facilities 

    A number of representations made reference to a lack of community facilities in the original plans. We will be submitting a planning application which includes the provision of additional community facilities within a local centre. This will include a local shop and a 60 bed retirement home, allowing Hagbourne Fields to be more self-sufficient. 

    In addition, we have also now identified the location of the formal open space / sports pavilion and how this integrates with the Valley Park development.

  • About the site

    The proposed development site

    The Hagbourne Fields site is located between Didcot, West Hagbourne and Coscote.

    Hagbourne Fields is a sustainable location for new homes, with a range of local facilities and amenities available, as well as cycle and public transport access to the wider area and easy access to Didcot via Park Road.

    We will be providing public open space, a local shop, a retirement home and delivery of a southern road linking to Valley Park.

    Hagbourne Fields is positioned within the heart of the Science Vale meaning employment opportunities will be available for local residents. Hagbourne Fields will be able to help meet the need for new homes arising from continued job creation across Science Vale UK, including at its employment hubs at Harwell Campus, Milton Park and Culham Science Centre, all located close to Hagbourne Fields.


    • Access is proposed to be provided from Park Road and from the Harwell Link Road which is itself currently under construction.

    • The access point will be a T-junction and will act as a priority access through Hagbourne Fields and through the Valley Park development.  This could then form part of the proposed South Didcot Spine Road identified within the emerging Local Plan.

    • To the west the new spine road would then lead through the Valley Park site and subsequently form a priority junction with the Harwell Link Road. This ultimately will be converted to a roundabout as the Local Plan development allocations come on stream.

    • The proposed access arrangements will therefore provide the strategic South Didcot spine road in accordance with the emerging Local Plan as well as provide access to the development.


    The site is currently comprised of a series of agricultural fields divided by hedgerows, which contain a number of mature trees. These mature trees serve as important habitats for local wildlife so would will be retained wherever possible. There are a number of badger setts within the site area. A 20m easement will be established around the badger setts to ensure the new homes have minimal impact on them. Other landscape features include a southern landscape buffer, which will be created to reduce views of the new homes from West Hagbourne, East Hagbourne and Coscote. 

  • What's proposed

    Our proposals

    HF Image 2

    The new Illustrative Masterplan for Hagbourne Fields. Click to enlarge

    The key elements of the development proposal are as follows:

    •             903 homes available

    •             Public open space provision

    •             Delivery of a southern road linking to Valley Park

    •             60-bed retirement home

    •             Local shop

  • Community

    Community benefits

    • The development will provide new open green space for local residents
    • Local businesses will benefit from an increased customer base, with new residents injecting money into the local economy
    • Local young people will have a better chance to access the property ladder and will have greater opportunities to stay in the area
    • The community will benefit from Section 106 and CIL contributions, which can be used by South Oxfordshire District Council to fund local health, education and transport infrastructure improvements. 
  • Updates

    News and updates

    March 2018 – Anticipated date for submission of Planning Application to South Oxfordshire District Council. Comments can be made on the Planning Application directly to the Council.

    November 2017 – Consultation feedback reviewed and used to refine the emerging development proposals.

    Thursday 9th November – Public Exhibition.