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Tasley Garden Village, Shropshire

Land south of the A458 and west of Ludlow Road - Bridgnorth - Shropshire

Taylor Wimpey is promoting the land to the south of the A458 to deliver a new Garden Village to meet existing and long-term future housing and employment needs of Bridgnorth.

  • Overview


    Taylor Wimpey is promoting the land to the south of the A458 to deliver a new Garden Village to meet existing and long-term future housing and employment needs of Bridgnorth.


    The site is being promoted as a more sustainable alternative to the current Local Plan Review preferred option of delivering a Garden Village on Green Belt land at Stanmore, which was consulted on by Shropshire Council in early 2019.


    The site has the potential to deliver up to 1,050 dwellings and at least 16 hectares of new employment floorspace. This would be delivered alongside new community facilities including a primary school and a small local centre serving the day-to-day needs of the new development. New public open space will be delivered in the form of a new country park along with sports pitch provision to serve both new and existing residents.


    A further 38 hectares would be reserved to meet the town's future employment and housing needs beyond the year of 2038.


    Given the proximity to High Town, Tasley Garden Village presents a suitable and sustainable development opportunity that avoids the need to release Green Belt land for development at Stanmore.

    Taylor Wimpey held an online public consultation, which ended on Wednesday 3rd June. 

    To view the information boards and our proposals, please click here.

  • About the site

    About the site

    The proposed Garden Village site is located on agricultural land to the south west of Bridgnorth, south of the A458 and west of Ludlow Road and adjacent to the existing allocation for employment development (as identified through the Shropshire Site Allocations and Management of Development (SAMDev) plan). The southern and western boundary of the site is formed by Tiddle Brook.

    The site covers an area of around 129 hectares and is principally occupied by the three main farms of Roundthorn Farm, Footbridge Farm and Leasowes Farm. The site is located outside the Green Belt.

    The site is conveniently located to ensure future residents and employees can easily access existing facilities in Bridgnorth and to ensure that the employment land and new community uses are easily accessed by those already living in Bridgnorth. Taylor Wimpey is committed to ensuring safe and easy access is provided across the A458 as part of the development.

    About the site

  • What's proposed

    What's proposed

    The Garden Village presents the opportunity to meet Bridgnorth's existing and future development needs through the creation of a sustainable new community. The proposals would deliver:

    • At least 16 hectares of land for new employment development up to 2038 (the end of the draft Local Plan Review plan period);
    • Up to 1,050 new homes up to 2038, including affordable housing and market housing that meets the needs of local people including smaller homes and homes designed for the elderly;
    • A new primary school;
    • A local centre including small-scale commercial, community and day-to-day convenience retail uses;
    • Creation of a new Country Park and over 27 hectares of public open space and outdoor sports provision;
    • Around 39 hectares of land to meet future development needs beyond 2038; and,
    • Potential for new bus routes, a replacement park and ride facility and a new crossing over the A458.

    An illustrative masterplan has been prepared to set out the vision for the site and the opportunity to create a landscape-led development that complements the surrounding site context and creates a high-quality walkable neighbourhood which upholds Garden Village principles.

    The proposals are being promoted through the emerging Shropshire Local Plan Review process as an alternative to Shropshire's current preferred option of releasing Green Belt land for a similar level of development at Stanmore.

    UPDATEP17-1935_D012C - Consultation Masterplan copy

  • Community

    Community benefits

    The development of the site will provide a Garden Village which will deliver significant community benefits including:

    • Around 1,050 new dwellings to meet the development needs of Bridgnorth up to 2038, with the potential to deliver a further 700 dwellings beyond that;
    • A range of open market and affordable housing comprising various types to meet the needs of the local community;
    • 16 hectares of employment space to meet employment needs within the town, helping to support the growth of existing businesses and attract new businesses;
    • Provision of a 1.2 hectare site for a new primary school;
    • Creation of a new Country Park and over 28 hectares of public open space and outdoor sports provision for future residents and the wider community helping to create new recreation routes and enhance accessibility to the wider open countryside; and
    • The provision of retail, service and community uses which can be used by both existing and future residents and will reduce the need to travel.