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Wolverhampton Road, Shifnal

Land off Wolverhampton Road - Shifnal - Shropshire

Taylor Wimpey and Gallagher Estates have received outline planning permission for a new residential development off Wolverhampton Road, and we have now prepared detailed plans for infrastructure, open spaces and the first phase of homes.

  • Wolverhampton Road, Shifnal

    Outline planning permission has been granted to Taylor Wimpey and Gallagher Estates to deliver a new residential development on land to the north of Thomas Beddoes Court, off Wolverhampton Road, Shifnal. This development would serve as an extension to the neighbouring Thomas Beddoes Court and Matrix developments.

    Taylor Wimpey and Gallagher Estates are now working together and have prepared detailed plans for infrastructure and green spaces to serve this new development, while also offering benefits to the wider community. These detailed plans are in line with the requirements of the existing outline approval and have been submitted as a 'reserved matters' planning application (i.e. outstanding matters not dealt with as part of outline approval).

    In conjunction with these infrastructure proposals, Taylor Wimpey has also submitted a separate reserved matters application for 75 new homes forming the first phase of the overall development. This would be served via the new infrastructure and integrate well with the proposed green spaces. Further housing parcels will be delivered at a later stage by either Taylor Wimpey or another developer.

    The reserved matters planning applications have evolved following detailed discussions with senior planning officers at Shropshire Council and informal discussions with Shifnal Town Council, Shifnal Forward and the Shifnal Neighbourhood Plan Group.

    You can find out more about these reserved matters applications via the 'What's proposed' tab above.

    Alternatively, you will be able to view the applications in full by visiting the planning pages of Shropshire Council's website once the applications have been registered by the local authority. Planning references to enable you to access the applications will be provided here as soon as they are available.

  • About our proposals

    Green Infrastructure Plan

    The proposed green infrastructure for the development (including green spaces, town park, play area and pedestrian/cycle links). Click to expand.

    Our reserved matters planning applications for land to the north of Thomas Beddoes Court include the following key details:

    • Detailed infrastructure for the wider development, as shown on the plan pictured right, including:
      - 7.3m wide distributor loop road through the site
      - Public open space including town park and children's play area
      - Pedestrian and cycle links to adjoining developments
      - Surface water drainage infrastructure including swales and balancing ponds
      - Ecological mitigation features
      - Electricity sub-station
      - Foul drainage infrastructure including pumping station
    • The layout, appearance, scale and plot landscaping for 75 houses that would form the first phase of the overall development (Phase 1 area shown on the plan pictured below)
    • A balanced mix of 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom properties
    • Traditional property design in keeping with the neighbouring development (as shown in the typical street scene images below)
    • Architectural features such as corbelled eaves, stone window cills and voussoir lintels
    Shifnal Phase 1

    The proposed layout of our initial phase of 75 homes. Click to expand.

    Shifnal Street Scene

    How our proposed new homes could look.

  • Local contributions

    As part of our development proposals for the application site, a range of contributions will be provided towards improving local facilities, services and infrastructure. These contributions will include:

    • Community Infrastructure Levy payments to the local authority at a rate of £40 per square metre for private dwellings
    • Travel contribution of £2,500 per dwelling
    • Drainage works contribution of £7,000
    • 15% affordable housing
    • Public open space including a new town park
  • Development timeline

    April 2014 - Resolution to grant outline planning consent, subject to completion of a legal agreement

    February 2014 - Reserved matters planning applications submitted