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Beaconside Phase 2

Land off Beaconside - Stafford - Staffordshire

Our proposals for the final phase of residential development at Marston Grange, Beaconside, Stafford.

  • Overview

    Beaconside Phase 2 proposals

    We are currently preparing proposals for the second phase of residential development on land to the north of Beaconside, near Marston Gate, Stafford.

    Outline planning permission is already in place for new homes to be built on this site (as shown on the map pictured right) and last year we received full planning approval from Stafford Borough Council for the first phase of homes at Marston Grange.

    With construction work now under way on Phase 1, we are bringing forward proposals for the second and final phase of the development, which will include a range of high-quality homes together with public open space and a children's play area.

    These proposals will consider detailed matters such as property design, landscaping and layout, the principle of development with access from Beaconside and associated traffic issues having been dealt with at the outline stage.

    You can find out more about our Phase 2 proposals by exploring this website or by clicking here to download the exhibition boards which were on display at our public consultation event on Tuesday 8th April 2014.

    The public consultation period for our Phase 2 scheme has now closed. All comments received during the consultation are being taken into consideration as we finalise our proposals ahead of submitting a planning application to Stafford Borough Council.

  • About the site

    The proposed development site

    The Phase 2 application site is located north of the A513 Beaconside and west of the A34 Stone Road, on the northern edge of the Stafford settlement area.

    It is situated within the western section of a wider area of land which received outline planning approval for residential development from Stafford Borough Council in August 2012. 

    In February 2013, we held a public consultation on our Phase 1 proposals for the eastern portion of the site and full planning permission for this phase was granted in August 2013.

    You can find out more about the existing planning approvals for the site by visiting the planning pages of the council’s website, and using the reference number 10/13362/OUT for the outline scheme or 13/18533/REM for the Phase 1 development.

    The approved outline masterplan for the overall Beaconside scheme and our submitted layout plan for Phase 1 are both pictured below.

    Outline Masterplan

    The approved outline masterplan for the overall Beaconside development (click on the image for a zoomable view).

    Phase 1 Layout Plan

    The submitted layout plan for our Phase 1 scheme, which is now under construction (click on the image for a zoomable view).

    What does outline approval mean?

    The existing outline planning approval for the whole site means that a number of key factors relating to our Phase 2 proposals have already been established. These include:

    • The principle of residential development on the site
    • Development access arrangements
    • Measures to mitigate traffic impact on the wider road network
    • Key design principles

    The approved vehicle, cycle and pedestrian access to the development will be from two locations off the A513 (Beaconside), with the current speed limit for the A513 to be reduced to 30mph in the vicinity of the site. The wider traffic impact of the scheme has been carefully considered as part of the existing outline approval for the site.

    Site considerations

    Before we start designing a scheme, we complete an assessment of the site and the surrounding area. We record those features which we need to take into account in our design. All of the relevant considerations for this site have been considered as part of the existing outline planning permission and are detailed below.

    Constraints  Opportunities

    This plan illustrates the characteristics of the site which have been taken into consideration in the design of the overall scheme (click on the image for a zoomable view).

    Design considerations
    The site will be designed to provide an interesting, legible and safe residential environment for people to live in. In designing the site, the relationship with the surrounding area and the scale and design of neighbouring residential areas has been considered in order to ensure that the site relates well to Beaconside and the existing residents. 

    Drainage and flood prevention
    The development site is located in Flood Zone 1, which means it has the lowest risk of flooding. In accordance with the terms of the outline planning permission, Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) will be used within the development to ensure that surface water run-off rates are no higher than current levels once the new homes are constructed.

    Ecology and trees
    All high-quality trees will be incorporated within the development proposals. Any other trees which are removed during construction will be replaced by new trees, complemented by new hedges, planting and green open space. An Ecology Survey has been carried out on site and any measures which are required to protect resident wildlife species will be agreed with Stafford Borough Council in advance of construction.

    Footpaths and cycle links
    High-quality pedestrian routes will be provided throughout the development to encourage pedestrian and cycle travel both within the site and in the local area.

  • What's proposed

    Our proposals for Beaconside Phase 2

    Development layout

    The plan below shows our proposed layout plan for the second phase of development at Beaconside. This layout is subject to change in our final planning application and we welcome your comments on matters such as the arrangement of buildings, internal road layout and the location of landscaped areas.

    Key elements of our scheme include:

    • A mixture of 2, 3, 4 and 5-bedroom houses
    • Mainly detached and semi-detached homes with some small terraces
    • Predominantly 2-storey buildings with a small number of 2.5-storey plots (2 storeys with rooms in the roof)
    • Central area of open space providing a focal point for the development
    • Equipped children’s play area at the south of the Phase 2 site
    • At least 2 car parking spaces for every plot, with 3 spaces for larger properties (in accordance with outline planning permission)

    Phase 2 Layout

    The proposed development layout for Beaconside Phase 2 (click on the image for a zoomable view).

    Property designs

    The images shown below are examples of some of the property types which we are proposing to include in our Phase 2 scheme. These are in keeping with the approved designs for Phase 1 and will provide a range of options for homebuyers in a variety of circumstances, from first-time buyers and downsizers through to growing families.


    Proposed property designs for Beaconside Phase 2.

  • Updates

    Development timeline

    • August 2012 – Outline planning permission granted for the overall development site
    • February 2013 – Public consultation for Phase 1 proposals
    • August 2013 – Full planning permission granted for Phase 1
    • April 2014 – Public consultation for Phase 2 proposals
    • Late April 2014 – Planning application to be submitted for Phase 2 scheme
    • Summer/autumn 2014 – Decision on Phase 2 planning application expected from Stafford Borough Council