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Grampian Foods Site, Elmswell

Station Road - Elmswell - Suffolk

Taylor Wimpey East Anglia have recently gained planning permission for a development of 190 new homes on the grounds of the former Grampian Foods factory off Station Road in Elmswell. This website gives you the chance to view our proposals.

  • Former Grampian Foods factory site off Station Road, Elmswell

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    Key Facts

    • The proposed development site covers an area of 6.6 hectares (16.3 acres) and is currently a derelict brownfield site
    • The land is located off Station Road on the grounds of the former Grampian Foods factory site, to the north of Elmswell train station
    • Outline planning permission for a residential development on the site was granted by Mid Suffolk District Council in March 2015
    • Taylor Wimpey East Anglia gained reserved matters planning approval for a total of 190 high-quality homes in June 2016

    We submitted a reserved matters planning application to Mid Suffolk District Council in December 2015 for a new residential development of 190 high-quality homes, along with an equipped children’s play area, on the grounds of the former Grampian Foods factory site off Station Road in Elmswell (planning application reference 3918/15).  The reserved matters application dealt with detailed issues which were not approved at outline stage such as property design, layout and landscaping.  This application was approved in June 2016.  

    Under our plans, there will be a total of 190 new homes – comprising a variety of one, two, three, four and five-bedroom properties – with 11% to be provided as affordable housing. These will be administered by a council-approved housing association with the expectation that they will be allocated to local people in housing need. The remaining 89% of homes will be sold on the private market.


  • About the Site

    The proposed development site, outlined in red on the map pictured below, is currently a derelict brownfield site, and covers an area of approximately 6.6 hectares (16.3 acres).  The former Grampian Foods factory, which ceased production in June 2006, was previously located at the site. The partly dilapidated commercial buildings have since been demolished and the land is now flat.  The site is located off Station Road, to the north of Elmswell train station.

    Elmswell red line

    Information about the site we need to take into account

    Demolition and Remediation

    Initial site investigation on this site highlighted areas of contamination consisting of TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons), PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and asbestos. The site has now been fully demolished and the areas identified within the original site investigation have been remediated by excavating the contamination out of the ground and disposing of it off site to a licensed tip. For the areas where significant contamination was found, we are proposing to provide a clean capping material which will be validated upon completion in agreement with the Local Authority and the NHBC.

    Highways and Transport

    A Transport Assessment in relation to the impacts of the proposed development was undertaken as part of the outline planning permission and was completed in accordance with the national standards and consultations with Suffolk County Council. The findings revealed that existing junctions are working within capacity. The site will be accessed by the construction of a new junction formed within Station Road. The proposed junction will be sufficiently designed to allow for a link for a possible relief road in the future.

    The site is well located with a range of local facilities situated within walking distance – including a local primary school, shops and public houses. There are also good links to public transport with a railway station and bus stops nearby.

    Foul Drainage

    The proposed foul drainage for this development will discharge via gravity to a new pumping station constructed on the site. From this a new rising main will be constructed to discharge into the existing Anglian Water foul water manhole positioned within Station Road Industrial Estate. This point of connection has been provided by Anglian Water following our consultations.

    Flood Risk and Surface Water Drainage

    The proposed development is located within a Flood Zone 1 as defined by the Environment Agency and is therefore considered to have a low probability of flooding. The surface water drainage is proposed to discharge via a gravity system to a newly-constructed attenuation basin to the north of our development. The flows will be restricted from our site to mimic the existing runoff from the development by use of a flow control with sufficient storage being provided within the attenuation basin. The system will be designed to deal with all rainfall events up to the 1 in 100 year event, plus an allowance of 30% for climate change with the sewers being offered for adoption by Anglian Water.


    An archaeological evaluation was carried out on site in accordance with a written scheme of investigation. The aim of the evaluation was to determine the location, date, extent, character, condition and quality of any archaeological remains on the site, to assess the significance of any such remains in a local, regional, or national context, as appropriate, and to assess the potential impact of the development proposals on the site’s archaeology. Five 40m and six 20m long trial trenches were excavated and recorded on 1st December to the 3rd December 2014, totalling 320m.

    From this investigation, three ditches were identified, of which one was Roman date, with the other two undated. The site archive will be deposited at Suffolk County Council Archaeology Store. It is possible that other medieval, and possibly earlier, remains were once present but were subsequently removed by the later redevelopments of the Former Grampian Foods site.


    An Environmental Noise Assessment was prepared in support of the outline planning application to establish the noise conditions across the site. The assessment found that the dominant noise sources are road traffic, railway noise and the external plant associated to M&J Seafood. 


    Surveys of the site have been carried out and identified trees which should be retained. The surveys also confirmed that no Tree Preservation Orders are in force on site, and conclude there is a significant window for development with little impact on trees. A tree protection scheme will ensure retained trees are not damaged during construction.


    Ecology surveys carried out on site identified the presence of bats, great crested newts, reptiles and birds. Bats were found to be roosting on site although in low numbers. A bat licensee was therefore present to supervise the demolition of buildings where bats were present. A number of alternative roosting sites in the form of bat boxes will be provided as part of a compensation strategy. Great crested newts were recorded on site in terrestrial habitat however water bodies on site were not considered ideal for breeding activity. A trapping exercise has been implemented with translocation to a pond located within the receptor site to the north west.

    Surveys also identified a small breeding population of slow worms on site.

    A small scale capture and translocation exercise to the receptor site has been carried out which included the creation of refugia piles and hibernacular. A number of bird species, including a single barn owl, were also found to be present on site. Building demolition and site clearance works was therefore commenced outside the bird nesting season (late February to late August). Bird boxes – including boxes suitable for a barn owl – will be installed as compensatory measures.

    Hawk End Lane Railway Crossing

    As part of the outline planning permission for the proposed development a written condition was put in place to ensure that steps are taken to mitigate the risk posed by the probable increase in use of an existing pedestrian level crossing between the site and the footpath network at Hawk End Lane.

    The crossing, which is situated to the south of the site, has been in existence since the railway cut off the end of Hawk End Lane.  It is part of the Public Right of Way (PROW) network, meaning it is protected in law and subject to strict legislation.

    At present, the crossing is used very little by pedestrians; however there are concerns that when 190 new homes are built next to it, many more people may start using the crossing.  The main concern is that the crossing is not gated – users simply look to see if a train is coming and make a decision as to when it is safe to cross.

    Assessments have been carried out to identify possible solutions and Network Rail has outlined the following two options to be considered:

    1.  Construction of a footbridge behind Meadow Court

    2.  Divert the footpath to Parnell Lane underpass

    While the decision is ultimately the responsibility of Mid Suffolk District Council, Taylor Wimpey is committed to providing £1.3million towards the Hawk End Lane footpath level crossing mitigation scheme as part of the outline planning permission and S106 agreement.  A separate planning application to satisfy this condition will be submitted in the near future.

    Divert footpath to Parnell Lane underbridge

    Footbridge behind Meadow Court

    Constraints and Opportunities 

    Before we start designing a new scheme, we complete an assessment of the site and the surrounding area as they are at the moment. We record those features we will need to take into account in our design. All of the relevant considerations, whether they fix the way our scheme will have to be designed or give us a real opportunity to make the most of a particular feature, are shown below.




  • What's Proposed

    Our proposed layout for the former Grampian Foods factory site

    The image below shows the approved layout plan for our proposed development. 


    How we approached the design of the site

    Before we start designing a new scheme, we complete a character assessment of the surrounding area that is taken into account in our design. This appraisal will inform new character areas for the proposal, with more information about each character area shown below.





  • Community Benefits

    Community contributions

    As well as providing much-needed high-quality homes for the local area, our proposed development will contribute towards a range of services and infrastructure provisions through a Section 106 agreement.

    Section 106 contributions have already been agreed with Mid Suffolk District Council as part of the outline planning permission for the site. S106 agreements include provision for contributions to mitigate the impact of the development on local services. Taylor Wimpey will provide more than £2.75million in contributions as part of the S106 agreement.

    This includes:

    • £1.3m towards the Hawk End footpath level crossing mitigation scheme

    • £695,730 towards improvement to sports/leisure facilities in the area

    • £575,130 towards primary school education

    • £75,240 towards pre-school education

    • £65,086 towards healthcare

    • £40,534 towards libraries

    Taylor Wimpey will also provide the following as part of the S106:

    • An area of Public Open Space

    • A Junior Outdoor Play Space

    • Pedestrian improvements

    • A Travel Plan

    New housing developments also benefit the local community by generating additional local authority income. It is estimated that, based on the proposed number of new homes, an additional £198,550 per year will be paid to the local authority through Council Tax revenues.   The Local Authority will also receive £1.2 million over six years through the New Homes Bonus. This is a grant paid by central government to Local councils for increasing the amount of homes in their area.

    Boy playing            Family playing

  • News and Updates

    June 2016 - Reserved Matters planning application granted at the Mid Suffolk District Council’s Planning Committee

    December 2015 - Reserved Matters planning application submitted to Mid Suffolk District Council

    September 2015 - A public exhibition was held at The Blackbourne Community Centre

    To view the exhibition boards that were on display at the public exhibition click here.

    Thank you to all who attended this event. 

    March 2015 - outline planning permission granted by Mid Suffolk District Council

    News and updates picture