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Chilton Woods

Land north of Woodhall Business Park - Sudbury - Suffolk

Taylor Wimpey is preparing reserved matters proposals for the mixed-use development of 1,150 new homes, a new primary school with pre-school facilities, a village centre with shops, pub and community hall along and extensive green space on land off the A134 Springlands Way, north of Sudbury.

  • Overview

    1,150 new homes and a range of community facilities

    Taylor Wimpey is preparing reserved matters proposals for a major mixed-use development north of Sudbury, within the parishes of Chilton, Acton, Long Melford and Sudbury.

    The site, known locally as Chilton Woods, has been allocated for development in Babergh District Council’s Core Strategy. Outline planning permission for the entire site was granted by Babergh District Council in 2018, and Taylor Wimpey has acquired part of the site.

    Our proposal includes 1,150 new homes, a quarter of which will be designated as ‘affordable’ for rent or shared ownership. The proposals also provide a new primary school with pre-school facilities on the site, as well as a village centre with new shops, a pub and community hall. A significant proportion of the site will be allocated as green space. 

    Our Design Code

    We completed the purchase of the land from Suffolk County Council in July 2020 and have been engaging with local councils as we develop a Design Code to guide our plans.

    What is a Design Code? Click here to find out more.

    We held a public consultation on the draft Design Code from Wednesday 11th November 2020 until Wednesday 25th November 2020. The Design Code was updated in line with the feedback received during this consultation, as well as from an independent specialist consultant, and a number of significant changes were made.

    The Design Code was submitted to Babergh District Council as a planning application in March 2021. You can download the submitted document below.

    Click here to download our submitted Design Code.

    Our next planning application

    We recently held a consultation on the next stage of our development, a Reserved Matters planning application for the first parcel of 200 homes to the south of the wider site, off Aubrey Drive.

    This phase will include 85 affordable homes and a large area of landscaped open space, as well as smaller green areas featuring ‘doorstep parks’ with natural play such as logs and boulders.

    Our consultation ran from Friday 29th January to Friday 12th February. We are grateful to all those who provided feedback on our proposal. We are now analysing this feedback and making changes to our design prior to submitting a planning application to Babergh District Council.

    You can find out more about our proposals by downloading our exhibition boards using the link below.

    Click here to download our exhibition boards.

    We  also held a webinar at 6pm on Wednesday 3rd February 2021. You can view the webinar at the link below.

    Click here to watch our webinar.

    You can register your interest in a new home using the 'Register your interest' button above, and you can still get in touch with the project team using the ‘Email us’ button.

  • About the site

    Where we plan to build

    Chilton Woods 1 - Phase 1 layout 

    The proposed layout for the first phase of residential development. Click to enlarge.

    The development site lies within the parishes of Chilton, Acton, Long Melford and Sudbury, approximately one mile to the north of Sudbury, and measures around 117 hectares in area. The A134 Springlands Road lies beyond the southern boundary of the site, as does the B1115 Waldingfield Road. The site is intersected north to south by Acton Lane.

    The outline planning permission for the wider site, granted by Babergh District Council in March 2018, gave consent for the following:

    • Up to 1,150 homes
    • 15 hectares of employment development, including office, research and industrial units, a hotel, a household waste recycling centre and a district heating network energy centre
    • A village centre  with shops, cafes and restaurants, a community hall, a shared workspace, homes, a primary school with pre-school and car parking
    • New vehicular access points and associated works
    • Sustainable transport links
    • Community woodland
    • Open space (including a children’s play areas)
    • Sustainable drainage
    • Sports pavilion and playing fields
    • Allotments
    • Associated ancillary works

    The outline planning permission establishes what uses are acceptable and where on the site, and also includes the main estate road. 

    Taylor Wimpey does not own the land for the employment development, hotel, household waste recycling centre or district heating network energy centre, and will not be delivering these elements.

    We are currently consulting on the first of our Reserved Matters planning applications for residential development, and comprises 200 homes, of which 85 will be affordable, as well as areas of green space.

    Analysis of the site’s context has been undertaken as part of the Design Code process, including the four parishes of Chilton, Sudbury, Acton and Long Melford.

    The Design Code also refers to the Suffolk Design Guide and the National Design Guide, which asks that new developments do not copy the designs of the past, but combine local architectural influences  with modern construction techniques and materials to create meaningful architecture with a distinct sense of place.

  • What's proposed

    A green community with new facilities and open space

    Chilton Woods - Acton Lane

    An example of a 'doorstep' green space, viewed from the newly car-free Acton Lane. Click to enlarge.

    A key aspect of the overall vision for Chilton Woods, outlined in the Design Code, is for a healthy environment to live and work in, set within an extensive network of community woodland and green spaces.

    The application we are currently consulting on includes a number of aspects that align with this vision.

    A high quality landscaped space to the east of this phase will include a line of lime trees, a new woodland copse, sustainable drainage basins and areas of grasslands and wildflowers. Routes through this space will encourage exercise and relaxation.

    ‘Doorstep’ play spaces will be created within new pockets of green space, using natural play such as boulders and logs.

    Existing trees and hedgerows will be retained in order to preserve biodiversity, and the planting strategy will seek to use native, locally-grown species where possible.

  • Community

    Health, education and leisure play key roles

    TW Community 

    Our development will bring a range of positive impacts to the wider community.

    For a development of any size it is important that we either provide ourselves or put funding towards new community facilities and improvements to existing infrastructure. 

    Our proposals for Chilton Woods include a wide range of new facilities, such as the provision of a new primary school and village centre, including a nursery and village hall. 

    The outline planning permission is also subject to a Section 106 agreement, which includes a series of contributions that are triggered by the occupation of residential development

    The development will bring a range of economic benefits both during and after the construction period through the employment of local contractors, the training of apprentices and our work with the local community.

  • Updates

    Latest news on Chilton Woods

    Check back here to see key dates and milestones in the Chilton Woods project.

    • March 2018 - outline planning permission granted
    • January 2020 - pre-application work begins
    • July 2020 - land acquired from Suffolk County Council
    • September/October 2020 - Design Code development
    • November 2020 - Design Code consultation
    • January/February 2021 -  first phase residential Reserved Matters planning application consultation
    • March 2021 - Design Code submission
    • March 2021 - reserved matters planning permission for Major Infrastructure Works granted
    • Spring 2021 - first phase Reserved Matters planning application submission
    • Q2 2021 - anticipated first phase planning decision
    • 2021 - consultation on and submission of further Reserved Matters applications

    *Dates subject to change