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Penshaw Consultation

Chislehurst Road - Penshaw - Tyne and Wear - DH4

Welcome to our consultation website for our proposals of land at Chislehurst Road, Penshaw. Our consultation will take place on Friday 18th September - 4pm till 8pm and Saturday 19th September 9am till 1pm. Please call us on 0191 5165423 to discuss our proposals. Our website is now open for you to leave feedback and email a member of our design team. 

  • Overview


    Thank you to all who provided their feedback regarding our proposed development. Our feedback form and phone lines are now closed. In the following weeks we will collate all the information received and it will form our statement of community involvement. Our consultation page will remain open for a number of weeks and then revert to our proposed development website, when we are ready to submit our planning application. Our proposed development website can be located at www.taylorwimpey.co.uk/penshaw

    This consultation follows a 2 day event held in March 2020. To protect staff, and those taking part in this consultation process it is not considered safe to hold face to face public consultation and it is unlikely that face to face consultation could take place in the short to medium term. Taylor Wimpey are fully aware we stated at the last event that we proposed to hold a face to face event if it was safe to do so but this is obviously not the case. We are committed to engaging with the community and stakeholders in a safe way and the information provided on this website supported by the opportunity to discuss the proposals in detail allow any party to engage  in the process. 

    Taylor Wimpey is working towards the submission of a planning application for the area of land north of Chislehurst Road, Penshaw. In January 2020, the site was removed from the Green Belt and allocated for housing in the Sunderland Core Strategy and Development Plan (Policy HGA6). 

    The site is allocated for approximately 400 dwellings, with 15% being affordable housing. The mix of housing will consist of a range of 2, 3 and 4 bed family homes, with the proposals providing open space, with sustainable urban drainage and new green infrastructure routes to Herrington Country Park. 

    The masterplan has been sympathetically designed, with the key focus to retain existing landscape and view corridors to the Grade 1 Listed Penshaw Monument. There are generous areas of open space and green corridors, ensuring the layout respects Herrington Country Park. 

    We would love to gain your feedback in relation to our proposals once you have viewed our website. Please send us an email, fill in our feedback form or call us on 0191 5165423. Please note, our phone line is only available during the time of our consultation as follows:

    • Friday 18th September - 4pm till 8pm; and
    • Saturday 19th September - 9am till 1pm.

    You will be able to continue to provide comments and feedback view email until 5th October 2020. 

  • About the site

    About the Site

    The proposed Penshaw development is located on agricultural land to the north of Chislehurst Road and west of Chester Road, with Herrington Country Park adjacent to the north and east of the development. The site has been removed from the Green Belt and allocated for housing as part of the Sunderland Core Strategy Development Plan.

    The site is conveniently within walking distance to local shops, schools and a range of existing facilities. The site is on a regular bus route and benefits from excellent connectivity to both the A19 and A1(M) along with nearby towns and cities. 

    We have carried out a range of technical assessments that will accompany the future planning application. These surveys conclude that there are no technical constraints which cannot be appropriately mitigated. Our Site Assessment plan shows the areas highlighted below which have helped feed into our overall proposals.

    Two points of access are proposed, as well as improvement works on Chislehurst Road in the form of pedestrian crossing points and ghost islands.

    We are creating buffer zones at both the northern and eastern edge of the development. The northern edge will retain the existing landscaping and enhance this by creating a strong, defensible edge. The eastern boundary will be made up of a 15m ecological buffer to the Herrington Burn and include Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUD's). A 60m wide corridor through the centre of the site leaves a great opportunity for landscaping and movement through the site to Herrington Country Park. 

    Site Assessment

    Site Assessment - Click image for high resolution



  • What's proposed

    What's Proposed

    The site and all opportunities and constraints have been considered in detail and this process has fed into the development of the masterplan. In parallel to this design process, comments received during previous consultation have informed the masterplan. 

    The below graphics demonstrate some of the steps of this master-planning design process which leads to the current design proposal. 
    The initial site evaluation shows the constraints we have worked with to establish the development parameters. The primary road layout has been designed in such a way to incorporate view opportunities to Penshaw Monument along with views from the central corridor. 

    Site Evaluation
    Site Evaluation - Click image for large resolution

    The site is approximately 23.2ha, with the built area comprised of 15.9ha. This leaves 7.3ha of open space, which will be landscaped to encourage leisure and biodiversity. The primary road through the site is includes a 3m mixed use pedestrian and cycle path. The road will be designed in a way to reduce traffic speed and create a pedestrian friendly environment. Pedestrian access points will be created for ease of connecting to Herrington Country Park and existing bus stop locations.

    Penshaw Proposals
    Parameter Plan - Click image for large resolution 

    The masterplan looks at the principles of the development and how we can affectively plot a structure. The below plan shows how we explore where we should deliver key frontages and active edges, to create attractive street scenes and encourage movement through the site. 

    Masterplan Principles
    Masterplan Principles - Click image for large resolution

    Our masterplan shown below, has incorporated our vision to create a high-quality place in which a variety of family homes integrate positively with areas of publicly accessible open space, all of which respond to the key characteristics of the site. We want to embrace its natural qualities such as views towards the Penshaw Monument and its setting adjacent to Herrington Country Park. 
    Landscape and placemaking are significant drivers for the masterplan, in which the creation of multifunctional spaces provides significant amenity for residents but also acknowledge its setting by providing key spaces on its edges where the wider landscape can be appreciated. 
    The character of streets and spaces are defined by views towards the monument and the landscape green spaces that cross through and surround the site. In fact, no home is more than 75m / 1 minute walking distance from high quality and useable open space. 

    Our Masterplan - Click image for large resolution 

    The key features of our masterplan are shown on the plan below and are as follows:

    1. Vehicle access points;
    2. Pedestrian access points;
    3. Primary street with views to Penshaw Monument;
    4. Outward facing development with positive frontage to Chester Road, Chiselhurst Road and Herrington Country Park;
    5. Perimeter block structure throughout which is legible and permeable;
    6. Green corridor providing link between Chester Road and Herrington Country Park;
    7. Central open space providing link between Chislehurst Road and Herrington Country Park;
    8. Positive landscape edge integrates with Herrington Country Park; and
    9. Habitat-rich SUDs and positive landscape edge integrates with Herrington Country Park.
    Masterplan key features
    Key Feature - Click image for large resolution

    The overall landscape design (shown below) has principles for the proposed development which have been informed by a robust understanding of the Site and its context and include the following aims:

    • Integrate the proposed built form with Herrington Country Park on the Site's northern and eastern boundaries, providing a new boundary to the Green belt;
    • Respect the setting of Penshaw Monument and views to and from it;
    • Enhance the attractiveness and sense of place of the proposed development through creation of a landscape framework of green infrastructure;
    • Retain and enhance existing features including healthy trees and hedgerows;
    • Enhance the biodiversity and ecological value of the site through establishment of a network of species rich habitat;
    • Provide an attractive and accessible wetland habitat integrating SUDs on the eastern portion of the site, to assimilate with the existing wetland in Herrington Country Park and as a buffer to the Herrington Burn; and
    • Provide an attractive central open space which accommodates and reduces the visual prominence of the overhead powerlines.
    Landscape Strategy

    Landscape Strategy - Click image for large resolution  

    We are proposing a range of materials taking into account the aesthetic in the area. Our birds-eye estate view and street scenes shown below, show our proposed materials palette for the site. We've taken inspiration from the existing estates nearby. Our brick and roof tiles are sympathetic to the area, with apex door canopies as seen on the development just off Chislehurst Road. To give the development it's own sense of identity, we have proposed the use of both cream and green windows which will help create character areas within the site. The aim is to give the development a village style appearance and help it blend with the local area and work sympathetically with the proposed landscape.

    Birdseye View cropped
    Birdseye View - Click image for large resolution

    Street scene 1
    Street Scene from primary street view - Click image for large resolution 

    Street Scene 2
    Street Scene alongside Northern Herrington Park boundary - Click image for large resolution 

    Street Scene 3
    Street Scene Eastern boundary showing SUDs area - Click image for large resolution 

    The design process set out has taken all views and consultation made to date. As a result, following this consultation public consultation Taylor Wimpey prepare to submit a planning application for a total of 440 units with 116 in detail and the remainder of the site in outline. 

    We have consulted the Local Planning Authority regarding the scope of the planning application and specifically the content of the Environmental Impact Assessment. 

    Following the consultation all views and opinions will be taken into account and all comments will be replied to in a Statement of Community Involvement that will form part of the planning application.. We aim to submit the application in October 2020 and any party can submit comments to the Local Planning Authority.  

  • Community

    Community Benefits

    New housing developments can bring a wide array of both community and economic benefits to an area. We believe the proposed development at Penshaw will bring social, economic and environmental benefits to the area. 

    The development has been designed to create a sense of place, delivering much needed family homes to meet the needs of future generations. A mix of home sizes and styles including 15% affordable housing, will help the younger generation get on the property ladder.

    The plans aim to promote health and wellbeing by providing footpath links through to Herrington Country Park and also incorporating mixed used cycle footpaths. 

    New green infrastructure routes and open spaces have been designed to encourage utilising the open space within the development. Wildlife corridors and strategic landscaping encourage biodiversity. 

    Any new development can support and stimulate the local economy, adding support to existing local facilities and increasing revenue. Both new jobs and existing jobs are supported through construction along with further indirect jobs through the supply chain.

    New developments bring additional revenues to the local authority through council tax and the government new homes bonus.

    Once people move into their new homes, they are expected to bring further revenue, with approximately £2.5m of first occupation expenditure and an additional £5.2m spend by residents each year. 

    Economy Benefits
    * We have estimated these amounts using UK-wide statistical data


  • Updates

    News and Updates

    Following our previous consultation held in March, we would like to thank everyone for their feedback responses. We have listed the most popular areas highlighted below and hope our answers help to mitigate any concerns you have.
    We would also like to take the opportunity to apologise, as our intention was to hold this consultation in a face to face setting. Unfortunately due to the ongoing pandemic, this is just not possible and we need to make sure the safety of the public, staff and consultants is considered.

    Frequently Asked Questions and Responses

    • The site is Green Belt land?

      The application site used to be designated as Green Belt but when the Sunderland Core Strategy and Development Plan was adopted in January 2020, the site was removed from the Green Belt and included as an allocation for housing (Policy HGA6).
      All local authorities are required to have a Plan in place which guides the quantity and location of development over the next 15 years or so. As part of this process, the Core Strategy and Development Plan (and the proposed allocation of the site for housing) was subject to several consultations and was examined by an independent planning inspector.
      Therefore, the principle of developing the site for new homes has been established. As part of this consultation, we are inviting input from the local community on the detailed elements of the proposals, including the design, provision of open space, footpath links etc.

    • Why can you not build on brownfield sites instead?

      In order to meet the housing need across the city, more than 700 new homes need to be built every year. This cannot be achieved by building on brownfield (or previously developed) sites alone. The Sunderland Core Strategy and Development Plan, which guides the amount and location of development, identifies a mixture of ‘brownfield’ and ‘greenfield’ sites as housing allocations to meet the housing need. The application site is allocated in the Sunderland Core Strategy and Development Plan for housing (Policy HGA6).

    • There are lots of other housing developments nearby so I don't think this is needed.

      There are other housing developments in the nearby area which are currently under construction and there are also sites which either have planning permission or are allocated for development and are likely to be developed at some stage. As explained in the responses to other questions, there is a need for more than 700 new homes to be built each year to meet the housing need. This site is allocated in the Sunderland Core Strategy and Development Plan for housing and has been identified to meet the need locally in Penshaw. 

    • The development of the site will affect my views

      The development will result in a change of use of the site from one which is agricultural to a residential development. There has however been a key design focus to ensure the development is landscape-led with generous areas of open space and green corridors provided. The design of the site layout has also sought to ensure it respects the adjacent Herrington Country Park and maximises key views towards the Grade I Listed Penshaw Monument. 

    • Is there sufficient capacity in the local schools to accommodate the development? The local schools are at capacity.

      As part of the planning application, the Council will consult with its education team to understand the capacity in local schools now and over the coming years when the new homes are likely to be occupied. If there are any shortfalls in capacity in the nearest schools, there will be an expectation on the applicant to pay a financial contribution which would be used to expand the capacity of the school(s) in order to accommodate the pupils generated by the development.
      We are in discussions with the Council to understand the capacity levels in the local schools. Once this is clear, we will have a better understanding of any potential financial contributions required to mitigate the development. 

    • The local infrastructure is at capacity and would not cope with additional people in the area

      We understand that the development will generate an additional requirement for certain services. Part of the consultation process is an opportunity to understand these concerns and we are also in discussions with the Council to understand if there are any issues with capacity in the local area.
      We will be submitting an application to the Council at which point there will be a period of formal consultation. If there are specific concerns in relation to capacity in GP surgeries, for instance, we anticipate that the Council would consult with these groups. If any shortfall in capacity is identified, it is likely that the applicant will be required to pay a financial contribution to mitigate the impact of the development. 

    • What type of housing are proposed on the site? I would prefer to see affordable housing on site

      The development is likely to provide a mixture of family homes with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms.
      There is a requirement for 15% of the homes on the site to be ‘affordable’ so based on a development of 440 homes, this equates to 66 houses which would be available to eligible households in the local area. The affordable homes will include houses to be made available at an affordable rent and these would be managed by a registered provider. The affordable homes provision would also include homes to help people with home ownership. These homes would either be for shared ownership or they would be made available for sale at a discounted market value.

    • Is the local road network able to accommodate the development?

      Two vehicular accesses are proposed off Chislehurst Road and would be designed in accordance with the required standards. The development will also provide pedestrian and cycle links to Chester Road (A183) and Herrington Country Park.
      The impact on the highway network has also been fully considered in order to understand any impacts at junctions in the nearby area. This assessment has included modelling work which considers the number of vehicles making trips in the peak travelling times of the day. Taking into account nearby destinations, we have also been able to understand the junctions which would be subject to the most traffic. The work also factors in the completion on the new link road that will connect Chislehurst Road with the B1286 and the assessment includes scenarios with and without this link.
      The assessments have not identified any issues on the highway network that could not be mitigated through the delivery of a local highway improvement scheme.

    • Will the development impact on the air quality as a result of congestion?

      As explained in another response relating to the traffic which is likely to be generated by the development, we do not expect the development to result in any significant congestion on the highway network. An Air Quality Assessment has been undertaken and will be submitted as part of the planning application. This work considers the current air quality and the assessment also factors in the likely traffic to be generated by the development in order to anticipate the future air quality levels. This assessment concludes that the development will have a negligible impact on the air quality in the local area.
      That aside, it should also be noted that the trends of electric vehicles are on the rise which is having a positive impact on the air quality levels. 

    • I have seen wildlife on the site and I am concerned for how they will be affected by the development?

      Ecological surveys of the site have been undertaken and are ongoing. This has helped us to gain a full understanding of the habitats present on the site. The work undertaken to date indicates that the primary ecological value of the site is limited to Herrington Burn which lies to the east (or bottom) of the site.
      The design of the proposed layout has sought to include a large buffer area in this part of the site and this will ensure that any habitats in this area are retained and unaffected by the development. In addition, the development will introduce new ponds (which also assist with the management of surface water) and new planting which is anticipated to provide new habitat opportunities.
      There will also be conditions attached to any future planning permission which require the timing of any works to be considerate of the ecological calendar (eg. the bird nesting season).

    • What are the next steps? When will an application be submitted? When will development commence? When will homes be available?

      The next step for us is to analyse the feedback received from this consultation which will feed into the final revisions to the plans. We expect to be in a position to submit a planning application to the Council in October 2020. The determination period for the planning application will be a minimum of 16 weeks and during this time the Council will undertake its own formal consultation on the proposals. The feedback from this may require additional information to be submitted before the application is determined. We expect the application to be determined at Planning Committee in Spring 2021 and, assuming it is approved and planning permission granted, we anticipate that development will commence in January 2022, with first occupation of new homes September 2022.