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Land off Southam Road, Radford Semele

Land off Southam Road - Radford Semele - Warwickshire

We are considering preparing proposals for a new residential development, together with an area of public open space, on land off Southam Road, Radford Semele.

  • Overview

    Land off Southam Road, Radford Semele

    We are considering preparing proposals for a new residential development on land off Southam Road, Radford Semele.

    We held a public exhibition at Radford Semele Community Hall on Tuesday 3rd May 2016 to give local people the opportunity to find out more about our emerging plans. You can view the information displayed at the exhibition by exploring this website or by clicking here to download the exhibition boards.

    The public consultation period for this proposed development closed on Monday 16th May 2016.

  • About the site

    The proposed development site

    The site is located to the east of Radford Semele and the south of Southam Road (A425).

    It comprises of a single arable field bordered by trees and hedgerows. The residential development site equates to 3.26 hectares (7.83 acres) and is bordered by open countryside to the south and existing residential development to the east and west, as can be seen by the map below:

    Red Line Boundary Plan copy


    The site represents a natural extension to the village and can be sensitively developed and integrated with the village. Development of the site will encourage increased use of village services.

    Need for Housing

    Radford Semele is identified by the Council as a ‘Growth Village’ in which new housing will need to be found in order to support a housing shortfall within Warwick District. The Council needs to find sites to accommodate over 16,000 dwellings in its new Local Plan. Currently the Council is unable to demonstrate a 5-year supply of housing sites, meaning there is a need to bring sites forward for housing development now.

    Radford Semele benefits from a wide range of village services and is in close proximity to Leamington Spa. It is considered by the Council to be the most suitable of the ten Growth Villages to accommodate new housing.

    Landscape and Ecology

    The site is not covered by any landscape designations or tree preservation orders and is not considered to be an area of significant ecological value. It is not within a Conservation Area and there are no listed buildings located on or adjacent to the site.

    In landscape terms, there is the opportunity to provide a strong landscape framework at the edges of the site to soften the visual effect of the new development. There is also the opportunity to create ecological habitat enhancement through the creation of a new attenuation basin to the south of the site. This attenuation basin will collect the surface water runoff from the site and will be planted with suitable vegetation in order to encourage wildlife.

    RS Cross Section

    RS Landscape Plan

    Flood Risk and Drainage

    The site area is located in Flood Zone 1 and is therefore acceptable for housing development. Surface water drainage will be catered for in an attenuation basin located to the south of the development. Storage in the region of 1800m3 will be provided for, in order to attenuate flows up to the 1 in 100-year storm event plus 40% for climate change.

    Flows will discharge into a watercourse located to the south of the development area and will be restricted to better than greenfield runoff rates. The basin will be designed with soft slopes. Fencing around the basin could be considered at the detailed design stage.

    Foul drainage will discharge to the local foul sewer network either by gravity or a new pumping station. Severn Trent Water are currently modelling their network to determine the most suitable point of connection.

    RS Flood Risk Plan 


    Access will be taken from Southam Road through the creation of a new T-junction and right turn lane. We have designed this junction and the visibility splays required after undertaking speed surveys. We have used the higher than average speeds to test this junction in order to ensure it is safe. In addition, we are also proposing to reduce the speed limit to 30mph.

    New footway connections will be provided along Southam Road and contributions will be provided to surrounding public rights of way to improve access to Lewis Road. The development will seek to deliver a new pedestrian crossing on Southam Road in close proximity to the existing bus stops near Lewis Road.

    The site is accessible to local facilities and existing public transport services. The traffic impact has been considered across five local junctions and the development will be required to contribute towards local highway infrastructure improvements, in accordance with the Warwick District Infrastructure Delivery Plan.

    RS Highways Plan 


    We have contacted the local utility providers to ensure there is sufficient capacity to support our development proposals. This has confirmed that:

    • Water – sufficient capacity currently exists
    • Gas – reinforcement works to the gas main in Southam Road will be required
    • Electricity – a new substation will be required on site and contributions will be provided to improve the network.
    • BT – broadband speeds are good at 76.00Mbps

  • What's proposed

    About our proposals

    We are considering preparing proposals for a new residential development at the site, which would include the following:

    • 115 high-quality homes

    A mix of property types and sizes to suit people in a range of circumstances

    One, two, three, four and five-bedroom homes

     A provision of affordable housing (40%) including some bungalows for local people in housing need

    Substantial areas of public open space around the site

    Vehicular access to be taken from a proposed right-turning lane junction on Southam Road.


    A current layout of the proposed development can be viewed below (click on image to enlarge):

    16NOV 23253  RGM20G  Illustrative Site Layout11250A2 copy

  • Community

    Local contributions

    Contributions will be made to local services following discussions with Warwick District Council and Warwickshire County Council. These are likely to include financial contributions towards education, health, local highways and rights of way, sports facilities and libraries.

    New Homes Bonus

    The New Homes Bonus is a funding stream that the Council receives when new houses are built. The bonus is paid by Government to support communities affected by growth and development. For the single financial year 2015/16, the Council received approximately £1.6m in New Homes Bonus. The bonus allows the Council to return funding to the communities affected by new development. The funding can be used to reduce Council Tax and to assist in the delivery or refurbishment of community facilities such as village halls or play facilities. It is estimated that development of the site for up to 115 dwellings will generate approximately £880,462 in New Homes Bonus over the next 6 years for re investment into the village.

  • Updates

    Development timeline

    January 2017 – planning application refused by Warwick District Council. Next steps to be considered.

    September 2016 – outline planning application submitted.

    May 2016 – public consultation event held in Radford Semele.