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Greenhill Way Phase 2

Land off Greenhill Way - Haywards Heath - Sussex

We are preparing proposals for a new development of 113 new homes on land off Greenhill Way in Haywards Heath.

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  • Land off Greenhill Way

    We are currently preparing a detailed planning application for 113 new homes on land off Greenhill Way in Haywards Heath.

    The proposals form the second phase of our development in this area, with the first phase of homes on neighbouring land having already been granted planning approval. 

    Under our proposals for Phase 2, we will provide a mix of housing types to suit a wide range of purchasers, with 40% of the properties to be made available as affordable homes for local people in housing need.

    In order to let local residents, businesses and community groups find out more about our emerging proposals, we held a public exhibition at the Best Western Birch Hotel, Lewes Road, Haywards Heath, RH17 7SF, on Thursday 16th July, where visitors were able to view our emerging proposals, speak to experts from our project team, ask questions and provide us with their feedback on the scheme.

    We then made modifications to the scheme following a review of the feedback received from this exhibition and meetings with the Local Planning Authority and local residents.  

    A further public drop-in event was held at the ‘Bridge’ room at the Best Western Birch Hotel, Lewes Road, Haywards Heath, on Tuesday 17th November between 3pm and 9pm.

    If you would like to view the exhibition boards displayed at this event, please click here.

  • About the site

    The site is situated on land allocated for residential development as part of Lewes District Council’s emerging Joint Core Strategy.

    The land lies adjacent to our existing proposed housing development located off Ridge Way (Phase 1), which has already received planning approval for the residential development of 62 new homes.

    The entire site (comprising Phases 1 and 2) is allocated for housing development in the emerging Lewes District Core Strategy document. The policy wording relating to the allocation of the site for housing development is as follows:

    "Spatial Policy 4 – Land at Greenhill Way/Ridge Way, Haywards Heath (within Wivelsfield Parish) Land amounting to 8.5 hectares is allocated for residential development of approximately 175 dwellings (of which 62 net units already have planning permission on this strategic site). Development will be permitted subject to compliance with the Core Delivery Policies of this plan and the following criteria: i) Access including provision for pedestrians and cyclists to be provided from Ridge Way and/or Greenhill Way; ii) A site specific flood risk assessment is undertaken and an appropriate surface water drainage strategy is agreed by an appropriate body and implemented accordingly; iii) Contributions towards off-site infrastructure improvements arising from and related to the development. iv) A Travel Plan that includes measures to improve access from the site to Haywards Heath town centre and railway station by non-car modes; v) Development respects the amenity of the existing dwellings adjoining the site; vi) Development respects the character and amenity of the adjacent Lewes Road Conservation Area; and vii) Ecological and tree surveys and appropriate measures to mitigate adverse impacts on nearby Tree Preservation Orders and Ancient Woodland. viii) The development will provide a connection to the sewerage and water supply systems at the nearest point of adequate capacity, as advised by Southern Water, and ensure future access to the existing sewerage and water supply infrastructure for maintenance and upsizing purposes".

  • About our proposals

    Our proposed development seeks to create a high-quality, sustainable site that can fulfil the local need for affordable and private market housing while respecting the character and heritage of the surrounding area.

    Our proposals include:

    • 113 high-quality new homes
    • A mixture of 1 & 2 bedroom apartments and 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedroom houses
    • 40% of properties to be made available as affordable housing
    • In accordance with the Core Strategy, access is to be taken from either the north east corner of the site linking into Phase 1, and/or from Greenhill Way, via an extension to the existing carriageway
    • Circa 264 car parking spaces to be provided for residents and visitors
    • A Local Area of Play (LEAP) is to be provided
  • Development timeline

     The anticipated timescales for Phase 2 are as follows:

    • December 2015 – Submission of detailed planning application
    • Spring 2016 – Planning permission granted
    • Summer 2016 – Discharge of planning conditions
    • Autumn 2016 - Commencement of development on Phase 2
    • The build programme for Phase 2 from commencement of development to completion of the final dwelling is expected to be approximately three years

    This website shall be updated as further information about the development is released. Once building on site has commenced later this year, our Sales Team will release property designs and prices.

    If you are interested in this development, please click on the 'register for updates' tab above to be added to our database.

    Thank you for your interest with Taylor Wimpey.