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Brighouse Rd - Hipperholme - Hipperholme - Yorkshire - HX3 8EG

Our proposals for 91 dwellings ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms at Hipperholme.

  • Overview


    The land is east of Brighouse Road, opposite Southedge Close & Old Cottage Close & adjacent to the existing Halifax to Bradford / Leeds railway line. The site is proposed to extend around the existing Southedge Works up to the existing factory access but from a single access from Brighouse Road. The location is approx. 3.3 miles from the M62 & has the benefit of being centrally located for comfortable access to Halifax, Bradford, Leeds & Huddersfield.

  • About the site

    About the site

    These proposals concern land east of Brighouse Road.  In February 2018 outline planning permission was granted for up to 50 dwellings on this site (Site 1).  This confirms the principle of housing development of this scale and the means of access off Brighouse Road.  However, detailed design matters were reserved for later approval. 


    Taylor Wimpey is now preparing detailed plans for this site in the form of a reserved matters application, and we wish to consult local residents on our proposals.


    As part of the new Calderdale Local Plan an additional area (Site 2) south of the above site is allocated for residential development on brownfield land (Local Plan ref: LP1116).  Taylor Wimpey is also preparing detailed proposals for this land, which will utilise the same access as Site 1, and share the same drainage and play space.   


    We are seeking your views on these proposals too.


    Location Plan

  • What's proposed

    What's proposed

    A reserved matters application for 50 dwellings on Site 1 comprising 2/3/4 bedroom houses, an equipped play area and landscaping. 


    At the same time we will submit a full planning application for 41 dwellings on Site 2, also including 2/3/4 bedroom homes.


    Both applications are intended to compliment each other and provide for a joined-up approach to development of these two adjoining sites.


    A single access from Brighouse Road which is already approved will serve all the dwellings but a right turn lane & pedestrian islands will be formed to assist both vehicular & pedestrian movement.


    The planning applications are due to be submitted towards the end of November 2020.


    We would ask that comments are made by 5pm 19 November 2020.


    Traffic and Air Quality


    The traffic and air quality implications of our proposals for Site 1 were approved as part of the outline planning permission and therefore they do not need to be re-visited as part of the reserved matters application, which will instead focus on detailed design.


    Our full application for Site 2 will include transport and air quality reports to consider potential impacts at the Hipperholme crossroads. However, it is noteworthy that as part of the Local Plan process the Council considered these issues before deciding to allocate the site for housing, and this included use of a traffic modelling exercise. This indicates that the Local Planning Authority is satisfied that development can take place on Site 2 without significant adverse impacts on traffic and air quality.  


    School Infrastructure


    Existing education infrastructure was considered as part of the outline application for Site 1 and considered suitable for that development.


    The Council will consider capacity in existing schools once the application for Site 2 is submitted.  If this is not sufficient, then we may need to pay a financial contribution for improvements commensurate with the additional demands created by the development.

    Planning layout

    Planning Layout Extract







     NA44 Br       NA44 St





    NB41 St    NA21 Br

  • Community


    • Development of much needed housing suitable for different household sizes, including an element of affordable housing.  Calderdale presently only has a 2 year housing supply, which is well below the minimum 5 year supply required by the Government.


    • Housing development in a sustainable location within convenient walking distance of the shops and services available in Hipperholme.


    • Redevelopment of brownfield land.


    • Employment generation and increased spending during the construction period.


    • Increase in local spending power for shops and services in Hipperholme.


    • Provision of new play facilities that will be accessible to the public.

  • Updates

    New and updates

    We would welcome your views and comments on our proposals, which we will consider before submitting the applications to the Council. 


    Once the applications are made valid you will also have the opportunity to sending your comments directly to the Council.


    You can send your comments on the proposals in the following ways:


    Email:   [email protected].

    Post:      Please post any comments to:


    Hipperholme Consultation

    Peacock + Smith

    Suite 9C

    Josephs Well

    Hanover Walk


    LS3 1AB