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Land off Moseley Wood Gardens, Cookridge

Moseley Wood Gardens - Cookridge - Leeds - West Yorkshire - LS16 7HZ

Our Reserved Matters application for 135 dwellings has been approved by Leeds City Council on 23rd May 2016.


  • Overview

    Our proposals for 135 new homes and open space with one point of access off Moseley Wood Rise

    The land at Moseley Wood Gardens, Cookridge was granted Outline Planning Permission (14/04270/OT) by Leeds City Council on 1 April 2015. The permission was for 135 houses with a vehicular access off Moseley Wood Rise and a pedestrian/cycle route on to Cookridge Drive. Taylor Wimpey has now received Reserved Matters Approval from Leeds City Council on 23rd May 2016 (15/04884/RM).

    What are Reserved Matters?

    The Outline Permission established the principle of developing the site and in order to begin construction, Taylor Wimpey is therefore required to submit details of the site layout, appearance, scale and landscaping for the development to Leeds City Council.

    Aerial view plan



  • About the site

    Land off Moseley Wood Gardens, Cookridge

    The site is owned by Taylor Wimpey and is made up predominantly by private agricultural grazing land.

    This land at Moseley Wood Gardens generally comprises rough grassland, with some internal and external remnant of field boundary hedgerows and dry stone wall.

    The land is bounded by the Moseley Beck and the Harrogate-Leeds railway line to the west, mature protected woodland and greenbelt land to the northern boundary, with the existing housing development of Moseley Wood Gardens to the eastern and southern boundaries.

    Key Services and Distances


  • What's proposed

    Our proposals for Moseley Wood Gardens, Cookridge

    The Key Characteristics of this proposal are:

    • Approximately 135 new family dwellings covering a range of types and sizes to meet local needs
    • New affordable housing to be offered over a variety of tenures (35%)
    • Creation of publicly accessible open space
    • Integration and upgrading of existing footpath network
    • The delivery of a range of community measures as part of the section 106 contributions

    Planning layout

    Planning sections

    Drainage layout

    Proposed widening of Moseley Wood Rise 

    Planning Layout Image 30517


    Planning Layout


  • Community

    Community benefits from the development

    The development of land at Moseley Wood Gardens, Cookridge will provide a range of new housing that contribute greatly towards Leeds City Councils requirement to provide 70,000 new homes over the next 15 years.

    The project can provide a host of benefits to the local community, such as:

    • £267,637.53 in contribution towards transport improvements.
    • £643,114.53 in contributions towards primary and secondary education.
    • The provision of 47 affordable homes split between affordable rent and shared ownership for the local community.
    • Improved linkages to the existing footpath network and a commitment to improve natural habitats located within and beyond the site boundaries.
    • Employment generation and job creation over the next four years.
    • The development would increase spending with the local shops and services.




    Typical taylor Wimpey home



    Typical Taylor Wimpey home





  • Updates

    Important dates

    Proposed timeline  

    September 2017 - Building works to commence.

    January 2017 - Roads and sewers works to commence.

    October 2016 - Land and drainage works to commence.

    11th July 2016 - Archaeological trial trenching to commence.

    23rd May 2016 - Reserved Matters Approval received from Leeds City Council.

    29th March 2016 - work will commence on the widening of Moseley Wood Rise and will continue for approximately 5-6 weeks.

    12th August 2015 - Revised Matters Application submitted to Leeds City Council.

    16th and 17th July Leeds City Council are to carry out trial hole investigations in Moseley Wood Rise

    14th July 2015 Public Consultation for the proposed Reserved Matters application

    1 April 2015 - Section 106 Agreement signed by Leeds City Council for our approved outline application for up to 135 homes with vehicular access off Moseley Wood Rise

    21 November 2014 - 200 house application and Cookridge Drive access application REFUSED by Leeds City Council

    July 2014 - Reduced size 135 house proposals submitted for planning

    April 10 2014 - Planning Applications (Position Statement) considered at Leeds City Council Plans Panel

    January 2014 - Second planning application on the Cookridge Drive access submitted

    December 5 2013- Further Public Consultation Event held

    September 2013 - Planning application submitted

    June 2013 - Public consultation held