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Ridgeway Farm Phase 2

Greenfields, Off B4553 - Purton Road - Common Platt - Swindon - Wiltshire - SN5 4JT

Taylor Wimpey has submitted a reserved matters application for the second phase of new housing development at Ridgeway Farm.

  • Overview

    We have submitted a reserved matters application for the second phase of development at Greenfields, Ridgeway Farm, Swindon. This scheme will provide upwards of 200 much needed new homes in the area. We have proposed a mixture of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes.

    Ridgeway Farm is an on-going Taylor Wimpey development with phase 1 of construction is now well under way. Occupations commenced during November 2014 and residents will continue to move into their new homes until the completion of the overall site. The architectural design of phase 2 will be a continuation of phase 1 and this has been reflected within our application.

    As part of our on-going commitments to the local community around Ridgeway Farm, a primary school, playground and large areas of public open space are incorporated in the phase 2 design. All of the public facilities provided within Ridgeway Farm are intended for use by the wider community. Upgrades to existing highway and service networks have already taken place with further improvements intended.

    We anticipate that a response to our application will be determined by Wiltshire Council in April 2015. We would then look to commence works on site at phase 2 in summer 2015, should the application gain approval.

  • About the site

    Greenfields, Ridgeway Farm is located off Purton Road, Swindon. Phase 1 of the site is currently under construction and customers have already started moving into their new neighbourhood.

    Taylor Wimpey acquired the Ridgeway Farm site as a whole in 2012. Construction of phase 1 commenced on site in March 2014 after planning permission was granted by Wiltshire Council. In May 2014 archaeological surveys and digs were undertaken on phase 2 of the site. Subsequently, we held a public open day in June 2014 on the archaeology site. This allowed local residents, and interested parties, to gain an understanding of the history and heritage of the area and discuss the finds with Wessex Archaeologists. All of the findings from the site are currently being recorded.

    The Ridgeway Farm site is situated amongst, and over looks, agricultural fields and green open space to the north. The land had been previously farmed from the Ridgeway Farm house until it was acquired by Taylor Wimpey. Upon examination, we found that the farmhouse and the surrounding buildings contained high volumes of asbestos and were therefore unsafe for re-use. Demolition of the buildings was supervised by an ecologist and completed September 2014.

    Show homes are completed on phase 1 of Greenfields, Ridgeway Farm and provide a clear example of the proposals for our second phase. 



     Archaeology Open Day at Ridgeway Farm in June 2014 



    Visitors were able to talk to the experts about the finds





  • Whats proposed

    An application detailing up to 215 new homes including a playground and large areas of public open space, has been submitted to Wiltshire Council. 

    The large spine road, that is currently completed in phase 1, will continue into phase 2 to provide access to all areas of the development. The architectural design of phase 2 will be a continuation of phase 1 to create a complete development.

    The primary school, which is located within phase 2, the playground and the large areas of public open space have been proposed as part of our continued commitment to the community in and around Ridgeway Farm. All of the public facilities that we construct within the site are intended for use by the whole community and we hope these spaces will create a unified and integrated neighbourhood.  

    street scene 3

    street scene 2


  • Community benefits



     Visualisation of the initial proposal for the primary school 

    If our reserved matters application is to be approved we will provide a continued number of facilities and infrastructure within the local community as part of the proposed development. Details of the facilities have been agreed with the relevant authorities during the phase one application process.

    A primary school is proposed within the second phase, just below where the original farm building previously stood. There are large areas of public open space provided as part of the design scheme and a large play area with play facilities for the entire community to use. 

    School site

  • News and updates

    • October 2014 - Reserved matters application submitted
    • April 2015 - Anticipated determination of application
    • Summer 2015 - Anticipated commencement on site in phase 2