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Land at Perryfields Road, Bromsgrove

Perryfields Road - Bromsgrove - Worcestershire

A proposed new development on land at Perryfields Road, Bromsgrove.

  • Overview

    Land at Perryfields Road, Bromsgrove

    Taylor Wimpey has been actively promoting for residential and mixed use development a site off Perryfields Road, Bromsgrove. The site is allocated as BROM2 within the Bromsgrove District Plan. An outline planning application was submitted in April 2016, and Taylor Wimpey has been engaged with the local authority, Bromsgrove District Council, since before this time.

    The proposals form part of a wider strategic growth area to the north-west of Bromsgrove, which will deliver up to 1,300 new homes and include a proportion of affordable housing, a new employment zone and an extra care facility. In addition, a new nursery and first school, community facility and retail will help to establish a local centre in the middle of the development. Green corridors, formal and informal open space, including sports pitches and a sports pavilion, will be provided.

    The planning application sets out a masterplan for the area, showing how new houses, community facilities and employment land can be delivered on the site. It is accompanied by technical reports and surveys analysing a variety of issues, including transport, archaeology, ecology, noise and utilities.

    The planning reference number is 16/0335.

    The application is being considered by planning officers at Bromsgrove District Council, alongside organisations such as Worcestershire County Council, Natural England, Wildlife Trust, the Environment Agency, utility and healthcare providers, and a range of other statutory bodies.

    The proposals will be determined by planning officers as to whether they are suitable and acceptable against a range of local and government policies before a decision is reached by the District Council’s planning committee.A summary of the proposals can be viewed by clicking the ‘What’s proposed’ tab above.

    A newsletter distributed to local residents in May 2016 can be viewed by clicking here.

  • About the site

    The proposed development site

    Taylor Wimpey is progressing an outline planning application to bring forward for development the allocated site in the Bromsgrove District Plan 2011-2030 known as BROM2.


    The proposed site is located on the north-west fringes of Bromsgrove, to the north and south of Perryfields Road, the west of Stourbridge Road and the south of the M5/M42 intersection.

    The proposals will deliver up to 1,300 new homes and include a proportion of affordable housing, new employment zone and an extra care facility. In addition, a new nursery and first school, community facility and retail will help to establish a local centre in the middle of the development. Green corridors, formal and informal open space including sports pitches and a sports pavilion will be provided.The development will also provide improved pedestrian, cycle and public transport links both on and off site.

    The concept masterplan below illustrates what the layout of the development may look like. Click on the image for a zoomable view.


    19378  69D  Illustrative Masterplan15000A21



  • What's proposed

    Our proposals

    Our proposals

    Our proposals aim to deliver a balanced and sustainable long-term development for Perryfields, bringing with it a range of new homes, services and community facilities.Since our public consultations, some changes to the proposed scheme and the illustrative layout have taken place in order to consider the advice we received from planning officers and to reflect the comments we received during the public exhibition.

    Our proposals include the following key elements:

    New homes

    The proposals seek to deliver up to 1,300 high-quality new homes over a period of 8-10 years. These will range from starter homes for those stepping onto the property ladder through to larger family homes. The proposals also include the provision of affordable housing including affordable rent and shared ownership schemes for local people in housing need.

    Road network improvements

    We will commit more than £7m to improve local highways, as part of our scheme.

    The alignment of the main spine road though the site has been adjusted following our consultation period to provide an improved route with a more direct link to the employment land. Extensive work has been undertaken to analyse traffic impacts, and the proposals for new junctions at either end of the site have been refined.

    A substantial package of highways improvements to junctions in the town centre and on the A38 has been agreed with Worcestershire County Council’s Highways Department. These will be delivered either by physical construction or contributions to the Highways Authority.

    Developer contributions, growth funding and physical works undertaken on site improve the capacity of the road network. Traffic flow in Bromsgrove will be better with development and improvements than without either. Contributions will be collected early to allow improvements to come forward during the early years of development.

    The development proposals will include improvements to Perryfields Road. To the south, the existing Perryfields Road junction with Whitford Road will be closed to traffic with a new roundabout junction delivered along Kidderminster Road with Perryfields Road realigned accordingly. To the north, Perryfields Road will be diverted away from its existing line to link with a new traffic light junction further north along Stourbridge Road. Additionally, working in collaboration with the development at Whitford Road, improvements to the junction at Fox Lane/Rock Hill will offer a significant benefit to road users on this corridor.

    In addition, we will spend £1.1m on sustainable travel. This includes enhancements to pedestrian and cycle connections. We will also set aside £300,000 to pay for improved public transport services, including a bus route through the development which links with the town centre and railway station. We will also make contributions towards sustainable rail travel and improved rail services.


    There will be a range of potential job opportunities through the five hectares of employment space provided within the development.

    This employment area will provide space for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing companies in and around Bromsgrove the space and opportunity to grow.

    Local centre and community facilities

    A new local centre will be situated at the heart of the development to provide local services, shops and additional community facilities to meet the day-to-day needs of the community.

    A green infrastructure strategy has also been drawn up, including proposals for a new recreation area with sports pitches and a pavilion.

    Surrounding environment

    The proposals will include a flood risk and water management strategy. Development of green corridors and linkages through the site will be introduced, which will include the retention and enhancement of existing footpath and cycling connections. The creation of sustainable links will help existing residents to access the facilities as well as giving new residents good access.

    A range of noise mitigation methods have also been tested, and a preferred solution identified. An acoustic barrier along the edge of the site will be provided to reduce any noise from the motorway to an acceptable level.

    Extra care retirement facilities

    New extra care facilities would be brought forward by specialised providers, where different levels of care for the elderly would be provided. This will form an integral part of the local centre.

    Open space

    Areas of public open space will include landscape and ecological enhancements. The green corridors will contain features such as pathways, trim track, formal and informal play facilities, edible corridors and habitat enhancing initiatives.


    Lyde Green Community Centre



  • Community

    Local contributions

    Meeting the demand for new homes

    Bromsgrove District Council needs 7,000 new homes to be built in the district between 2011 and 2030 to meet demand. Between 2011 and 2017, only 1,551 were built in the district – that’s 659 less than its target of 2,210 for that six-year period.

    The authority has identified the land we wish to build on as suitable for development, and by delivering up to 1,300 high-quality new homes there, we will be going some way to helping the council meet its housing target.

    Our new homes will range from smaller properties for those stepping onto the property ladder or downsizing, through to larger family homes. All of these kinds of properties are in-demand in the district.

    Affordable homes

    The provision of much-needed affordable properties will also go some way to alleviating pressure on the council’s housing register, which currently has more than 2,100 households on its waiting list.

    Our proposals include 30% (up to 390) affordable homes, including affordable rent and shared ownership schemes for local people in housing need.

    New school and nursery – plus over £3m for school places

    Our masterplan not only includes land for a nursery, but a brand new first school, both of which will serve the development and wider community. We have also committed to pay the education authority more than £2.5m to fund lower school places in the area and over £900,000 towards off-site high school places.

    Facilities for the retired

    Our proposals don’t just cater for those of school age, we’ve also committed to providing an extra care facility on site. To be operated by specialised providers, it will offer different levels of care for the elderly and include up to 200 bed spaces. The location of the local centre and bus facilities will ensure full integration into the new community.

    Shops and services

    At the heart of our masterplan is a local centre, with space for shops, services and community facilities. The local centre is also the location for the new school and nursery.

    Space to play, relax and explore

    Our masterplan includes landscaped areas of public open space. A new recreation area is planned, which would include three sports pitches and a pavilion. There will be green corridors to explore, featuring pathways, trim track fitness trail, formal and informal play facilities and improved habitats for wildlife.

    We are also going to invest in off-site areas, with our scheme committing us to paying £100,000 towards the improvement and up-keep of King George V and Saunders Park.

    Employment zone to create jobs

    We will provide five hectares of employment land within the scheme, providing space for small and medium-sized businesses with the space and opportunity to grow.By building up to 1,300 homes, 156 new jobs will also be created within the construction and supplier sector.


    Our plans would see us contribute £282,000 to the NHS to help mitigate for the number of people moving to the site.New Homes BonusShould the district council approve our plans, it would receive a New Homes Bonus incentive of circa £6m from central government. The council and community can work together to decide how to spend the extra funding. Highways and sustainable travel

    We will spend more than £7m on improving local highways, plus a further £1.1m on sustainable travel measures. Click on the What’s Proposed tab for full details of the road network improvements.




  • Updates

    Development timeline

    Winter 2018 – Bromsgrove District Council planning committee expected to consider the outline planning application

    April 2016 – outline planning application submitted to Bromsgrove District Council.

    16th October 2014 – Public Exhibition held at the Fairfield Suite, Holiday Inn Birmingham-Bromsgrove, Kidderminster Rd, Bromsgrove, B61 9AB. Please click here to see the exhibition boards.