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Land at Perryfields Road, Bromsgrove

Perryfields Road - Bromsgrove - Worcestershire

A proposed new development on land at Perryfields Road, Bromsgrove.

  • Overview

    Land at Perryfields Road, Bromsgrove

    Taylor Wimpey has submitted an outline planning application to Bromsgrove District Council for a mixed-use residential development on land at Perryfields Road, Bromsgrove. Following extensive dialogue and working with Bromsgrove District Council we expect the Council to consider the application at Planning Committee in early 2021.

    The application sets out the indicative masterplan for the area, showing how new houses, community facilities and employment land can be integrated and delivered together on the site. Financial contributions will be made to mitigate the impacts arising from the development under several key headings including the NHS and Acute Healthcare, highways and public transport improvements, sustainable travel and schools.


    Our proposals at a glance 

    • Up to 1,300 new two, three and four-bedroom homes
    • 30% (up to 390) affordable properties
    • Five hectares of employment space securing and creating local jobs
    • New school and nursery onsite
    • Extra care retirement facility with up to 200 beds
    • Significant contributions to highways improvements in both the town centre and on the A38
    • Safer and reduced journey times through improved junctions including Kidderminster Rd to Whitford Rd, and Rock Hill to Fox Lane
    • Contributions to the NHS to increase Acute Care service levels to account for the additional demands the development would place
    • A focus on creating a community with a sense of place, encouraging mobility and sustainable travel choices
    • New recreation area with sports pitches and a pavilion for residents and the wider community to enjoy
    • Local centre onsite providing services, shops and community facilities
    • Significant areas of public and informal open space, including walking and cycling routes

    The illustrative masterplan indicates what the layout of the development may look like. However, all details will be subject to agreement with the District Council as part of the detailed design and approval process.

  • About the site

    The proposed development site

    The Perryfields site is in a sustainable location on the north west fringe of Bromsgrove. It is within easy walking and cycling reach of the surrounding areas, the town centre and the railway station. This offers access on foot and by cycle to a wide range of everyday facilities. 

    Its location means that it benefits from excellent sustainable travel which will see incentives to encourage and improve access to walking, cycling and public transport. Additionally, the site has good links to the road network via the M5, M42 and M40. 

    Perryfields will be integrated and linked with Bromsgrove but will also have its own sense of place. A local centre with public space, retail and community facilities, nursery and school and extra care facility will form the heart of the community. Sustainability will be a focus, including modern initiatives to encourage sustainable travel, achieving biodiversity net gain, and homes designed to accommodate energy saving technologies.

    The land has already been considered suitable for housing and was adopted in the 2017 Bromsgrove District Plan. The site will help the local authority meet its need for new housing.

    19378  69D  Illustrative Masterplan15000A21



  • What's proposed

    Our proposals

    Published information shows that houses in Bromsgrove are some of the fastest selling in the UK. There is a recognised lack of supply of new homes in the town. In order to meet the current demand, Bromsgrove District Council has identified that 7,000 new homes need to be built in the district between 2011 and 2030.


    New homes

    Our plans include up to 1,300 high-quality new two, three and four-bedroom homes with a mixture of sizes and types. Additionally, there will be up to 390 (30%) affordable homes of mixed tenure, including affordable rent and shared ownership schemes for local people in housing need. By delivering this, we will be going some way to helping the council meet its housing targets and alleviate pressure on its housing register. Should Bromsgrove District Council approve our plans, it would receive a New Homes Bonus incentive circa £8m from the central government.


    Road network improvements

    As part of the development, significant contributions will be made towards improving local highways. This includes town centre and A38 schemes which will create improved safer routes, with improved junction capacity.


    Surrounding environment

    To ensure that our developments are sustainable, we are committed to providing innovative and up to date approaches. In order to achieve this, Perryfields has been designed to incorporate pedestrian and cycle mobility, whilst ensuring that the habitat value of the scheme is enhanced beyond current levels. This will be achieved by combining habitat and landscape corridors, with open water through the site, creating an environment for residents and wildlife to coexist. Contributions will be provided to bus services, cycle and pedestrian route improvements and A38 cycle and pedestrian bridge.

    Screenshot 20210209 at 153730

     19378Figure 1421




  • Community

    Local contributions

    When complete, Perryfields will have delivered 1,300 high-quality new homes; 30 percent of which will be classed as affordable housing. These properties will enable those who aren’t in a position to buy a property, have a high-quality place to live and be a part of this thriving community.


    This new community isn’t just about new homes, it is delivering a wealth of facilities for residents, making Perryfields a truly sustainable place to live.


    Local centre and community facilities

    At the heart of the development, there is a local centre with space for shops, services and a community centre. In addition to the local centre, five hectares of employment space within the scheme will provide space for small and medium sized local businesses to expand, as well as offering opportunity for new job creation.



    Opposite the public square will be the existing Sidemoor school and a brand-new first school and nursery, both of which will serve the development and wider community. Contributions will be provided towards both lower and high school places, as agreed with the Education Authority to ensure the schools can expand to meet the additional needs.


    Space to play, relax and explore

    Perryfields also features several areas of landscaped public open space, including a new recreation area, which will be host to three sports pitches and a pavilion. There will also be green corridors to explore which feature pathways, trail’s, formal and informal play facilities and improved habitats for wildlife. In addition to this, we are also going to invest in off-site areas with a significant contribution towards the improvement and upkeep of King George V and Saunders Park.



    In addition to this, our plans would also see us contribute approximately £1.5m to the NHS to help mitigate Acute Healthcare impacts for the number of people moving to the development.

     19378Figure 156 


  • Updates

    Development timeline

    • Spring 2023 - First homes completed
    • Summer 2022 - Start on Site
    • Summer 2021 - Submit detailed proposals
    • December 2020 - Bromsgrove District Council planning committee expected to consider the outline planning application
    • April 2016 - Outline planning application submitted to Bromsgrove District Council
    • October 2014 - Public Exhibition held.