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Land off Eastward Road, Malvern

Land off Eastward Road - Malvern - Worcestershire

We are proposing to create a residential development on land to the north of Malvern to help meet the future housing needs of the area.

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  • Overview


    We are promoting land at Eastward Road, Malvern, for a residential development via an outline planning application.  

    The site is located outside, but immediately next to, the settlement boundary to the north of the town, and the development proposals include approximately 55 new homes, including 40% affordable housing, together with a new woodland amenity area and children’s play area.

    The development would help meet the future housing needs of the area by providing a mix of house types suitable for families and younger people seeking to get on the property ladder, and also for older people looking to downsize.

  • About the site

    About the site

    The proposed development site is located at the northern edge of Great Malvern and adjoins the northern boundary of Upper Howsell, which forms part of the built-up area of Malvern.

    Access to the site is proposed from Eastward Road from the west via Tanhouse Lane. Improvements will be made to the footways along Eastward Road, together with pedestrian access to public footpath FP69.

    malvern location

    The location of our proposed development

    The site comprises three sections, with woodland in the eastern field, grassland and some trees in the central field, and a flat meadow falling with a gentle gradient towards the east in the western field. The central and western fields are divided by a line of trees and hedgerow running north to south.

    Substantial hedgerows and mature hedgerow trees define the northern, eastern and south-eastern boundaries of the site, while the stream along the southern boundary adjoins the rear gardens of properties along Sycamore Close, Tayson Way and Eastward Road.

    The trees within the eastern field, and two areas of open space to the south east and north east of the site, help to create a natural buffer between the railway line to the east and the proposed development and existing residential areas. A detailed survey of the trees within the site has been undertaken and the majority of the trees and hedgerows on the site are proposed to be retained.

    The proposed development located in Flood Zone 1, which is not an area at risk of flooding and is therefore suitable for new development. Drainage for the site will be designed to ensure that it does not increase the risk of flooding to the site and neighbouring areas, and to ensure that the rate of surface water run-off is no greater than current levels.

    The proposals include the introduction of an attenuation pond within the woodland, together with scrub clearance and new planting, to increase the range of species available to wildlife and improve their habitat.

    A number of ecological surveys have taken place and measures will be taken to minimise any disturbance to bats, birds and reptiles currently found on the site and provide replacement habitat where appropriate.

  • What's proposed

    What's proposed?


    malvern masterplan

    Our proposed development masterplan for the Eastward Road site

    The masterplan has been shaped through public consultation to form the final scheme design.


    Key elements of the proposed development are as follows:


    • Approximately 55 new homes
    • Predominantly detached and semi-detached family housing
    • 40% affordable housing, including homes for shared ownership and social rented homes
    • Community woodland and pond
    • Children’s play area
    • Green network integrated with pedestrian footpath network

    The design concept for the site has evolved in response to emerging survey data, consultation with stakeholders and ongoing discussions with the local planning authority.




  • Updates

    News and Updates

    July 2014 - Outline application refused, next steps being considered

    December 2013 - Outline application submitted