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Land off Mounton Road, Chepstow

Land off Mounton Road - Chepstow - Monmouthshire

Taylor Wimpey has submitted a planning application for a new development of up to 200 homes plus a hotel or restaurant on land off Mounton Road, Chepstow.

  • Overview



    We have an option to purchase the Mounton Road site from the existing landowners, subject to planning permission being granted for our proposed development.

    In July 2013, we submitted an outline planning application to Monmouthshire County Council for a development of up to 200 new homes with a hotel or restaurant and public open space on the site, following a pre-application public consultation.

    This consultation was held in May 2013 at Chepstow Palmer Community Centre, and gave local people the opportunity to find out more about our proposals for the site and provide their feedback.

    We are currently awaiting a decision on our planning application. If you would like to be kept up to date with further information about our proposed development, please click here to get in touch.

  • About the site

    About the site

    Chepstow Site View

    A view looking south along the A466 with the site on the right

    The site which is being proposed for our new development covers an area of 13.1 hectares of agricultural fields which are currently laid to pasture.

    The proposed development site is located on the western fringes of the Chepstow settlement area and is bordered to the north by Mounton Road, which provides direct access to Chepstow High Street.

    Existing residential properties at St Lawrence Park are situated beyond Mounton Road to the north, while St Lawrence House, a Grade II listed building, is located at the northern boundary of the site. The A466 Wye Valley Link Road runs alongside to the site’s eastern boundary and the south-east corner of the site is adjacent to a roundabout connecting the A466 with the A48 Newport Road. St Lawrence Lane forms the western boundary of the site.

    Part of the eastern boundary of the site is separated from the footpath and highway of the Wye Valley Link Road by a low stone wall. This is replaced by low wooden post-and-rail fence which continues along both the eastern and southern boundaries. Due to the lack of boundary hedgerow or trees, there are relatively clear views into the site from the A466 and A48. The open nature of the eastern boundary means that the A466 has an urban influence on the character of the area and gives the eastern section of the site an edge-of-town feel. The western and northern boundaries are more rural in character.

    A number of local amenities and services are located within 400m of the site, including Chepstow Community Hospital and a convenience store and garage on the A48. The town centre is less than 800m of the site and primary schools are within walking distance. Two bus stops are sitated on either side of the A466 towards the north of the site, while Chepstow railway station is 1.3 miles away.


  • What's proposed

    What's proposed?

    Chepstow Layout Plan Web

    The layout of our proposed development

    Following a detailed site assessment and discussions with planning officers from Monmouthshire County Council, we developed a masterplan for the proposed Mounton Road development.

    This was refined through the public consultation process into a final masterplan which forms the basis of our planning application.

    Our development has been carefully designed to maximise protection of the natural environment – including landscape and ecology – through the provision of a network of green spaces and amenity areas. This will ensure the development provides a high-quality place to live in Chepstow with a high level of sustainable design.

    Key elements of the proposed development are as follows:

    • Up to 200 new homes in a residential located at the north of the site
    • Hotel/restaurant near the A48/A466 roundabout at the south of the site
    • Main vehicle access from the A466 Wye Valley Link Road
    • Emergency only access from St Lawrence Lane
    • Landscape buffer / shared space between developed area and main roads
    • New pedestrian / cycle route through the development connecting to Sustrans route
    • Large area of open space for informal recreation, to aid integration of the site with its rural surroundings and to preserve the setting of St Lawrence House
    • New children’s play areas
    • Hedges and woodland areas retained where possible
    • Low-density development at the north-western corner of the site within a parkland setting
    • Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) to include swales and ecological pond, managing surface water run-off and ensuring flood risk not increased either on or off the site

  • Community

    Community benefits

    Should our planning application be approved, we will provide a number of contributions towards the local community as part of the proposed New Road development. Details of these contributions will be agreed with the relevant local authorities at a later stage.

  • Updates

    News and updates

    October 2014 -  discussions with planning officers ongoing. 

    July 2013 – Planning application submitted

    May 2013 – Public consultation held