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Oakfield Road - Monmouth - Monmouthshire

Taylor Wimpey is preparing proposals for a new residential development of approximately 50 homes on land to the west of Oakfield Road, Monmouth.

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  • Overview

    Land off Oakfield Road

    We have an option to purchase the Oakfield Road site from the existing landowners, subject to planning permission being granted for our proposed residential development.

    We are currently in the process of creating an initial development scheme for this site, which will include further details about how we think a residential development will work on this site.

    Once we have completed our initial scheme and layout plan, we will conduct a public consultation to give local people the opportunity to find out more about what we have planned and tell us what they think.

    The feedback we receive during this public consultation will help us to finalise our proposals before we submit a planning application to Monmouthshire County Council.

  • About the site

    The development site

    Oakfield Site View 2 Web

    The proposed development site as viewed from the east in Agincourt Road (image: Google)

    The proposed development site covers an area of approximately 7.2 acres and is greenfield land which is currently in agricultural use.

    It is located on the northern edge of the existing Monmouth settlement area, immediately to the west of Oakfield Road and Agincourt Road, with Hereford Road providing direct access to the town centre.

    The site lies in between two existing residential areas, with housing located along the length of the eastern boundary of the site in Agincourt Road and Hereford Road, and a new-build development situated alongside its south-western boundary (Berryfield Park and Berryfield Rise).

    Residential properties in Highfield Road border the site to the south and farm buildings are located at its north-western corner, with agricultural fields to be found adjacent to the site’s northern and north-western boundaries.

    The northern section of the site slopes gradually from east to west, while the central and southern sections slope more steeply from Agincourt Road in the east towards the new-build housing in Berryfield Park and Berryfield Rise in the west.

    The site is bordered by hedgerow on all sides with some isolated trees and is currently accessible from its north-western corner via a farm track off Hereford Road.

  • What's proposed

    Our proposals

    We are currently working in consultation with Monmouthshire County Council to develop an initial layout plan for our proposed Oakfield Road development.

    This will take into account a range of issues determining how the proposed scheme will relate and respond to the characteristics of the site and its surroundings, including:

    • Vehicle access and traffic impact
    • Views to and from the site
    • Impact on neighbours
    • Flood risk and drainage
    • Wildlife and ecology
    • Pedestrian and cycle links
    • Accessibility to local facilities

    Further details about how these issues are being dealt with will be provided during a forthcoming public consultation, along with more information about the proposed layout and design of our scheme.

    We will take on board all comments received during the consultation to help us develop and finalise our proposals, which will then form the basis of our planning application for this site.

  • Updates

    Development timeline

    end of 2014 / early 2015 - Public consultation expected to take place