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The Taylor Wimpey Pay It Forward Scheme

We believe that supporting those we rely on is the right thing to do during this crisis.

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We want to support those we rely on 

We want ensure that we all emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic in the best possible place, with our community of suppliers and trades people ready to help us resume the building of much needed high quality homes for our customers.

We recognise that some subcontractors will be facing very real and immediate hardship, particularly those whose trades are self-employed or who are unable to access other forms of assistance in a timely manner

Taylor Wimpey staff members

That's where the Pay It Forward Scheme comes in

At the beginning of April, 2020, we launched the ‘Taylor Wimpey Pay It Forward Scheme’ which will make advance payments for future work done by subcontractors where we have a long-term relationship.

The payments will be made from Taylor Wimpey via the subcontractor, to self-employed individuals who either do not benefit from the Government’s Self-employment Income Support Scheme or who will experience significant hardship before that scheme starts to make payments. 

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