Case studies

We build over 14,000 homes each year on developments throughout the UK. Here you can see a selection of our land and planning case studies.


5-year housing land supply

The National Planning Policy Framework requires Local Planning Authorities to demonstrate a deliverable 5-year housing land supply.

Brownfield and Regeneration

In recent years we have built over half of our homes on previously developed (brownfield) land. Often this involves treating contamination and bringing derelict land back into use.

Green Belt

Where it is carefully considered and in a sustainable location, some Green Belt land offers the opportunity to meet growing housing demand.

Long term local planning

Long term local planning requires early engagement with the Local Council, and community through the local and emerging plan process. It involves demonstrating site sustainability and the wider socio-economic environment for future growth.

New settlement

Strategic Land has the potential to fulfil future housing needs but takes a long time to go through the planning process. Such sites are either large, often made by joining several pieces of land together, or have a more complicated planning process.