Land Purchase Timeline

The Taylor Wimpey Strategic Land teams work closely with landowners and agents throughout to negotiate a land agreement which may take one of the following forms:

  • Conventional freehold purchase: buy land outright.
  • Option agreement: we agree to take on the time and cost involved in promoting the site through the planning process so that when successful we can purchase the land at a discount to the open market value.
  • Joint ventures: we partner with one or more parties, including the landowner to develop a site.
  • Hybrid agreement: similar to an option agreement, but once planning status has been secured a portion of the site is sold outright to another developer.

What is the Process?

1. Identify Strategic Land Opportunity

  • Our Strategic Land teams assess planning potential by undertaking feasibility studies. They monitor local and national policies for those sites that offer the most sustainable locations.
  • At this stage we get input from various other professionals such as town planners or transport consultants.

2. Land Agreements

  • Our Strategic Land teams work closely with landowners and their agents throughout negotiations for land agreements. This may take the form of freehold purchase, an option agreement, joint venture, or a hybrid agreement.
  • Legal professionals are often involved at this stage.

3. Promotion

  • Our Strategic Land teams then engage with the relevant local authorities and other stakeholders to promote the site through the local planning process and secure a residential allocation.
  • This activity involves input from a range of other professionals, including town planners and transport and ecology consultants, for example.

4. Planning Application

  • Our Strategic Land teams prepare a planning application, working closely with consultants, landscape architects, master-planners and others in order to produce a robust and well-considered housing scheme.
  • Community engagement is a fundamental part of this process, and we engage with the community to discover their views and meet their needs.
  • We work with the local authority at an early stage to gain their views prior to the planning application submission stage.

5. Exercise Land Agreement

  • Once the site has achieved positive planning status, the team will exercise the agreement and purchase the land.
  • This is then handed over to our regional team who take the scheme through to the next stage to ensure deliverability.
  • We continue to communicate and work closely with the landowner, local community and local authority throughout the development process.