We are respectful, fair and deliver together

As a national homebuilder, we are, above all professional. Our success and reputation is built upon the relationships we develop with our customers and stakeholders. We work hand in hand with local authorities to deliver much-needed homes on the ground and to support their wider social and economic aspirations.

We continually improve and innovate

We make a long term commitment and investment in all our sites, promoting them diligently throughout the planning process. This allows us to be future focused and drive change. We are customer and community focused, working in collaboration with local people and local authorities. We carry out detailed, technical and sale due diligence on every site we promote to ensure the planning permission we secure maximises value for landowners.

We build a proud legacy

Above all else, we are passionate about customers and committed to delivering a sustainable futures. Through specialist knowledge and well developed relationships with stakeholders, we deliver genuine benefits and improve outcomes for people through the homes and communities we create. We find that many of the landowners we work with want to see it developed into something they can be proud of.

We have a proven track record and excellent reputation in delivering homes in communities across the country. As a national homebuilder we have a reliable and stable business model that allows us to make genuine investments that have long terms positive benefits for communities. As a FTSE 100 business we operate in all market conditions and invest in every site, thus ensuring there is a committed purchaser at the end of the promotion journey.