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Open House

Discover how our high quality homes are built

This is your chance to see how your Taylor Wimpey home is being built. You can see the different stages of construction, from the foundation to the roof, and learn about the different materials and components that are used.

Carpenter building internal walls

The foundations

The foundations are a critical element of the build and provide the base construction for your home. Foundations can typically take from 1 day to several weeks to complete. The foundations provide a level service to construct your home upon, giving the support and stability it needs.

Walls and roofing

Once the foundation and ground floor are finished, we will move on to the construction of the walls and roof. This includes placing the bricks and roof tiles, as well as any other work that needs to be done behind the walls and roof.

Plumbing and electricals

At the plumbing and electrical stage, we install all of the essential systems that will make your house a comfortable and functional home. We will run the pipes and wires that will bring water, power, and heat to every room in your home. We will also install the fixtures and appliances that you need to cook, clean, and relax.

Fixtures and fittings

The final fit-out stage is when your home will really start to come to life. We will install all of the finishes and fixtures that you have chosen, such as the flooring, countertops, cabinets, appliances, and light fixtures. We will also install any custom features that you have requested, such as a home office or a walk-in closet. This is the stage where you will see your choices come together and your new home will start to feel like your own.

Quality assurance

Once your home is complete and all the fixtures and furnishings are in place, it is almost ready for you to move in. However, before we hand over the keys, our team will carry out detailed quality checks to ensure that your new home is exactly as you expect from the moment you walk through the door.