Why choose us

Partnering with Hedgehog Street and Buglife

As part of our commitment to sustainability we’ve partnered with two wonderful wildlife organisations. 

Homes on a Taylor Wimpey development

A home for nature

We’re creating space for nature to thrive on our developments, making sure that planted areas include food for bees and butterflies, as well as installing features like bird boxes, bug hotels and hedgehog highways to support native UK species.

Research shows that being close to nature is good for everyone’s physical and mental health. We hope that increasing nature on our sites will make them even better places to live for people too!

Walking in field with dog

Hedgehog friendly communities

Hedgehogs are a much-loved UK species but sadly their numbers are declining rapidly. We want to help stop this.

We’re supporting the Hedgehog Street campaign, by integrating hedgehog highways on our new developments. These small holes in garden fences enable hedgehogs to roam around and ensure they can safely find food, nesting sites and mates.

We hope our customers will get involved by keeping the hedgehog holes open, making their gardens hedgehog friendly and by signing up to be a Hedgehog Champion with Hedgehog Street. 

By allowing hedgehogs to safely make their way around our neighbourhoods, we can help them to thrive.


Bee and butterfly super highways

Insects may not be as cute as hedgehogs, but they’re just as important for a healthy planet. One out of every three mouthfuls of the food we eat depends on pollinating insects. Yet our bees, butterflies and other insects are in serious decline.

In an industry first partnership, we’ve teamed up with national insect charity Buglife to help improve the habitat for pollinating insects across our developments.

Purple, yellow and white wildflowers.

We're creating insect pathways

One of the ways we’re getting involved is by supporting the B-lines project, which aims to create ‘insect pathways’ of pollinator-friendly habitats through our countryside and towns. These flower rich habitats will provide food and shelter for pollinating insects right across the UK.