Case studies

Oaklands Grange

Oaklands Grange sits within the Metropolitan Green Belt just outside St Albans. The development that was promoted in conjunction with Oaklands College secured funds for the redevelopment of college facilities as well as the provision of much needed homes for the community. Planning Permission was granted by the Secretary of State.

Oaklands Grange

Land receipt

We have always focused on providing the landowner, Oaklands College, with a land receipt to help them fund: the redevelopment of the college, enhancement to the existing facilities and 16,211m2 of new educational buildings.
Oaklands Grange

Planning application

Working closely with the landowner, we submitted our planning application for 348 homes and various new college buildings, such as student accommodation, class room space, workshops, a day nursery and a sports pavilion which was initially refused. Following an appeal and a public inquiry, approval was granted on the basis the significant educational benefits and much needed housing would outweigh the harm to the Green Belt.
Oaklands Grange

Community engagement

Consulting and working collaboratively with the public and interested parties, we have made design choices to protect the outlook and amenity of neighbours due to the sensitive location of the site in Metropolitan Green Belt.
Family in their new dining room


Due to the funding of the College campus proposals and the need to keep the College buildings operational, it is necessary to phase the development over a period of six years. Phase 1 is already under way.