Community and customers

We want communities to welcome us to their area and recognise the value we can bring and the contribution we can make.

We are local

We are a national developer operating at a local level from 24 regional businesses across England, Scotland and Wales.

We live and work in the areas where we build our communities, so we understand local sensitivities, wants and needs.

Artists impression of typical Taylor Wimpey development and greenspace

Working with communities

We are customer and community focused.

We work with local people and authorities at every stage of the planning process to make sure we understand key issues to help shape our developments and placemaking and create well designed, sustainable neighbourhoods where our customers want to live, grow and thrive.

Life and leisure

Our planning agreements reflect the needs of each local community. This may include new schools, for example, infrastructure projects, or community centres.

Our developments encourage socialising and exercise, with the inclusion of green open spaces for residents and the wider neighbourhoods.