Land is our key raw ingredient and its selection is important to both our offering for customers and the return we achieve for our shareholders.


Location is key when buying a home and we have focused our land-buying in quality sustainable locations where customers want to live.

Priorities include being close shops, schools, workplaces and open space, to reduce the need to travel.

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Environmental responsibility

We take environmental and social considerations into account when buying land, including flood risk, sustainable transport, air quality and promoting local economic development, and make a positive contribution to the natural environment wherever possible.

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Types of land

We acquire all types of land at all stages of the planning process whether brownfield or greenfield, opportunities for infill development and larger urban expansion and regeneration schemes including new sustainable communities.

We can assemble land holdings and work in partnership with others to promote and deliver immediate development opportunities and longer-term strategic sites across all geographical regions.

Belbury at Scholars Chase