Planning and design

Our houses are designed to be both homes for our customers and the building blocks of successful places and vibrant new communities.

Thoughtful design

We aim to create distinctive places with their own identity, which either reflect the local vernacular or create their own character.

In designing our homes for individual sites we choose from a palate of materials and details to create varied and attractive places.

We pay attention to the connections, structure and detail of our developments to create safe, connected and liveable neighbourhoods.

New homes at Etling View

Energy efficiency

All our new homes meet the relevant Building Regulation energy efficiency requirements.

We continually review and improve our home designs both in accordance with new regulations and to increase their energy efficiency.

Meeting customer needs

Much of our housing range already meets with the Government’s Nationally Described Space Standards and we are committed to providing a greater choice of homes for customers that offer more open plan living and can be more easily adapted for people with disabilities.

Bydford kitchen at Church View