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Welcome to Taylor Wimpey plc corporate website

Taylor Wimpey is a national developer operating at a local level from 24 regional businesses across the UK. We also have a small operation in Spain. Our vision is to become the UK’s leading residential developer for creating value and delivering quality. 

Being a successful homebuilder means we do so much more than build homes. We provide high-quality places to live with appropriate facilities, an attractive environment and a sense of place. We also add social, economic and environmental value to the wider communities in which we operate.

Warning – Fraudulent email orders

We have been notified that a number of fraudulent orders and invitations to quote are being placed with various companies and firms, purporting to emanate from Taylor Wimpey plc or Taylor Wimpey UK Limited, and often ending in a “” or similar address. The emails are being sent with or without attachments such as a brochure, corporate history, or letterhead, from a senior executive of one or other company. This fraudulent activity has been reported to the relevant authorities.

No Taylor Wimpey company places orders or invites quotations in this way and anyone receiving such an email should please ignore it unless they are already in regular communication with the company regarding a previously discussed arrangement.

For further advice on how to avoid scams or fraud please read our advice here.

Warning – Boiler room scams

It has been brought to our attention that Taylor Wimpey shareholders are again being targeted by ‘specialist brokers’ using the offer of unrealistic prices for Taylor Wimpey shares to attract interest and high pressure sales techniques offering opportunities which often turn out to be worthless or high risk investments.

This practice is commonly known as a ‘boiler room scam’ and may be in the form of a telephone call or in writing. Please visit our boiler room scams page for guidance on what to do if you have received an unsolicited call and advice on how to avoid them in the future.

Latest news

  • Trading statement

    10 Jan 2018 - We are pleased to release our latest trading statement. Please click on the above link to access the full statement.

  • Development land in Central London

    30 August 2017 - The Group confirms that it has exchanged contracts on the purchase of development land, in Central London. For more information please click on the above link.

  • Half year results 2017

    1 August 2017 - We are pleased to release our half year results for the period ended 2 July today. For more information please click on the above link.

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