Being a sustainable business

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We are one of the UK’s largest residential developers and are focused on delivering high-quality homes for our customers, benefiting the wider communities in which we work and creating value for our shareholders.

We are committed to being a sustainable homebuilder and are continuing to integrate sustainability into our business practices. This approach helps us to create better homes and communities and a stronger business for the long term.

This website summarises our approach. To find out more, including our recent performance data, please go to our Sustainability Report 2018.

We value your feedback on any aspect of our approach to sustainability so please email us your comments to

What do we mean by sustainable business?

We build homes and communities across the UK, with a small operation in Spain. Therefore our business touches many people’s lives.

For our customers, the home they buy from us is often the biggest and most important purchase they will ever make. It’s where they will spend most of their time, and where many of the important events in their lives will happen. So the way we design and build our homes and developments can have a significant influence on our customers’ future happiness and wellbeing. Our aim is to help our customers make our houses their homes.

As a responsible homebuilder we aim to design and build our developments in the right way, so that they become thriving, inclusive and sustainable communities for generations to come.

Health and safety has always been a non- negotiable top priority for Taylor Wimpey. We continue to work with our stakeholders to improve both our own health and safety performance and that of our partners.

We directly employ around 5,000 people, with many thousands more on our sites and in our supply chain. We aim to treat everyone we work with fairly and provide support and development opportunities for our employees so that they can enjoy a satisfying career with Taylor Wimpey.

Reducing our impact on the environment is very important to us, so we consider it at every stage of our operations. We work with our partners in the supply chain to source sustainable materials, and with our contractors to minimise the impact of our construction sites. We also design homes to be energy and resource efficient to live in.