Case studies
Heritage and Regeneration

Somerdale Keynsham

This regeneration scheme involves the redevelopment of the old Somerdale Cadbury’s Factory and 90ha site in the Historic Town of Keynsham working in partnership with the local authority and community to create a sympathetic development centred around the landmark factory building.

Somerdale Development


Our team undertook extensive community consultation and engagement with the Council to inform our proposals, with over 1,000 visitors one of our early exhibitions. Planning permission was granted in February 2014 following the submission of a Hybrid application in April 2013.
Somerdale street scene

Responsive environment

The scheme retains the existing landscape of mature trees including the boulevard of mature chestnut trees which are a defining feature of the entrance to the site, as well as retaining woodland to the north, the south-east corner and along the river and margins of the Hams.

These natural features are central to the creation of a responsive environment enjoyed by the community including walkable, permeable streets and open spaces, with green corridors and riverside walks to open countryside beyond.

Somerdale street scene

Community focused

Situated in the historic market town of Keynsham, the factory previously employed in excess of 5,000 people at its peak and provided community and sports facilities used by the local community. The new development provides multiple opportunities for social interaction and building relationships through the school, sports facilities and new Somerdale Pavilion, café/restaurant in the old factory buildings, walking through the neighbourhood or enjoying the playgrounds and variety of open space.
Somerdale street scene

Economic benefits

The development will create over 2,000 jobs, of which, circa 1,000 jobs are associated with the operational development. The scheme includes a range of key services and facilities to meeting the needs of the community and stimulating economic regeneration by creating local employment opportunities including 100,000sq ft of high quality B1 office space,  new school and pre-school;  doctors’ surgery; Somerdale Pavilion; Chocolate Quarter care home extra care apartments and other facilities.
Somerdale Development

Sustainable travel

Whilst focus is on reducing the need to travel by creating a vibrant mixed use community, the development also provided over £2m in financial contributions towards station improvements, a pedestrian/cycle bridge over the River Avon to connect with the Bristol-Bath cycle track, improved pedestrian/cycle links and bus service contribution.
Mother and daughter outside their new home