Audit Committee

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee members are Humphrey Singer (who Chairs the Committee), Robert Noel and Scilla Grimble.

Audit Committee Report

Terms of Reference

Humphrey Singer

Audit Committee summary

The main objectives of the Committee are to assist the Board in fulfilling its corporate governance responsibilities relating to the Group's risk management and internal control framework; internal audit process; financial reporting practices including the key accounting judgements and estimates; and external audit process. 

In 2022, the objectives of the Committee are as follows:

  • Continue to ensure that the IT operating environment remains robust, supporting the business needs in a year of planned changes to core systems and also that key systems are protected against cyber and other threats
  • Gain assurance on required changes to key processes and controls that may be affected by known legislative changes impacting the industry through 2022 and 2023, in particular the New Homes Ombudsman and the Future Homes Standard
  • Oversee the adoption of any financial governance changes in 2022 resulting from the ongoing Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) consultation