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Your development

At Taylor Wimpey, we encourage everyone to be their best selves by offering a wide range of learning and development options and making time for learning. Whether you're looking to try something new, progress in your career or just get better at something that's important to you, we will always do the right thing and offer a selection of opportunities

What makes learning and development special at Taylor Wimpey?

Whether you’re new to the business, newly promoted, looking for that next promotion or simply want to do a great job in your current position, our learning offer can be adjusted to suit any need. 

At its heart, Learning & Development here focuses on building a culture of continuous learning – by partnering with the business, L&D create solutions that will support you to constantly evolve, grow and thrive. But what makes it special? 

It's inclusive with lots of support

We have excellent Subject Matter Experts within the business, but also maintain a high standard of relationships with our external learning providers – all of our offer can be adjusted to include everyone, we’re open to a conversation and feedback.
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Development here is not a tick box exercise

Development at Taylor Wimpey is a mindset – we will support you in whatever development you wish to explore, in whatever format that works for you. We will always explain what the learning offer will do for you. 
Taylor Wimpey Staff

Learning is an investment here

We recognise that learning is an investment in your time, so in return, we take our time to design and invest in the best learning providers, and continuously evaluate our offer to ensure it continues to add value for you. 
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100% of participants who attended our Leadership workshops and provided feedback understood why they were there and felt more confident in the topic having attended. 

Following a recent Round Table session, 100% of participants who provided feedback said the session was well organised, with 83% wanting to recommend to others. 

Join our community

And as well as formal learning, we love innovative thinking and curiosity – we encourage questions and build teams that will learn from and support each other. We connect and share learning through our company Yammer page and are always actively recruiting for our employee networks which cover everything from Race & Ethnicity, Menopause, Working Parents and LGBTQ+ - a great way to meet people and learn from each other. 

We like to think of your development as a journey. Where that journey will take you is up to you, but we’re excited to be on the path with you! 
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