First impressions mean everything

Sales & Marketing

Our regional sales teams are the first touch point for all of our customers. They coordinate and oversee the promotion and sales of the developments in their areas.

Could you be the face of our business?

Our sales teams work from the site showrooms, showing potential buyers what’s available and helping them find their future home. We’ll provide you with comprehensive in-house training and access to our ‘Sales Academy’ to make sure you reach and maintain the highest standards when it comes to showcasing our homes. You’ll work very closely with our Customer Services and Production teams to ensure our homes are ready for our customers to move in.
Young family with Sales Executive

Would a job in Sales and Marketing suit you?

People buy from people. Or so the saying goes. So, when a customer is looking for a new home, your professionalism, knowledge and helpful nature could make a big difference in their decision making. If you can sell the benefits of our homes without putting pressure on new buyers, this could be the right role for you.
Female Sales Executive