Our business model

Our business model helps us to deliver on our purpose.

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1. Investment: Selecting land

Shareholder capital management

Securing a quality land pipeline, located in places people want to live, with good planning prospects. We continue to look for opportunities in the right locations which optimise our value and meet our returns criteria. We continue to focus on being responsive to land market conditions.

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2. Development: Managing the community and planning process

Protecting capital and adding value

Progressing land through the planning system is the key way we add value to the land we acquire.

We do this through factoring in stakeholders' needs, addressing environmental and other local issues and building community facilities to create developments that meet their wider needs.

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3. Realising value: Optimising the housebuilding process

Optimising stakeholder returns

Key to this is building quality homes which are attractive to customers. We seek to do the right thing, and deliver our strategy in a way that benefits all our stakeholders. As a national housebuilder we benefit from our scale and look to maximise and optimise the efficiency of our operations.

We work with our subcontractors to make improvements to our processes and operations.

We drive high standards of build quality across our business.

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