Charity and local support


Taylor Wimpey is committed to supporting Charities and Local Community Groups in the areas in which it operates. We believe that as a responsible business, we must actively contribute to helping others financially, with our time, energy and leadership.

We aim to be an aspirational housebuilding brand that is recognised for the good that is given back to our local communities by our employees.

Our primary goal is to genuinely improve the position of the causes that we support. The secondary, but equally important goal, is to engage our employees in these activities as we recognise it is good for their development and self-awareness. Whilst there are a large number of worthy projects and causes, we have to focus to make sure that we are effective and that we support others to be the best they can be.


Our Priorities

We will generally focus on smaller national charities or regional/local charities, where we can make a more significant difference and where our employees can be actively involved, rather than solely be a funding partner.

  • Projects which promote aspiration and education in disadvantaged areas.
  • Intervening and improving homeless situations for seriously economically disadvantaged groups in the UK.
  • Local projects that have a direct link with our regional businesses and developments.

Our Principles

  • Our charitable giving is focused on causes linked to our business, the communities in which we operate our business partners and our employees.
  • Our contribution will not be restricted to solely monetary award. We encourage our teams to volunteer their services in support of suitable causes from the communities in which we operate or seek to do so.
  • These causes are not limited to national charities or major events but they are strongly associated with our priorities.

If you would like us to support your charity or local community group, please complete the electronic form below:

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