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If you’ve reserved but are yet to complete the purchase of your home and you’re dissatisfied with the service we’ve provided, please raise your concerns with your Sales Executive at the Sales Information Centre.

If you’ve already moved into your home and are dissatisfied, please contact your appointed Customer Relations Manager or your local Customer Service team as they’re best placed to address your concerns once you’re settled in.

Alternatively, you can contact us via the form below.

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Seeking further support

Should you remain unhappy with the response provided in Step 1, you may then direct your complaint to the Sales Director or Customer Director at the Taylor Wimpey office with which you have been dealing with.

The local Customer Director has overall responsibility for ensuring our customers receive the highest levels of care and will ensure that your dissatisfaction is handled by the most appropriate person in the regional office.

Your complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours (except at the weekend) and the appropriate team will review how your complaint has been resolved and a response will be provided within one week.
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You remain dissatisfied 

If you’re dissatisfied with either our final response, or with any delay in providing our final response you may be able to ask the Consumer Code or your home warranty provider for an independent review, or alternatively approach the New Homes Ombudsman Service. 

Who you contact will depend on when you reserved your home. For all reservations made before 1 November 2022, visit our Consumer Code page. For all reservations made on or after 1 November 2022, visit our NHQC page below.


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