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Your warranty explained 

We take you through what the warranty covers and where you can find further support.

Your Warranty

The warranty is provided by NHBC and lasts for 10 years, starting from the date of legal completion. For the first two years of your ten year warranty; Taylor Wimpey covers any physical damage or defect to your home caused by faulty workmanship or materials.

During years 3 – 10, the NHBC insures you against the full cost (subject to a minimal claim value) of putting right any physical damage to your home caused by a structural defect in any one of the specified parts of the building. This is part of your Buildmark Warranty and you can find out more by visiting the NHBC website.


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Change of ownership

This Warranty is not affected if you sell or let your home. It would help if you could pass on the details about the Warranty and what it covers to tenants or subsequent buyers. If you sell your home, whilst it is still within Warranty, the cover automatically transfers to the new owners once they provide us with proof of ownership.


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Your rights

This Warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

Some manufacturers also offer warranties to Taylor Wimpey customers over and above the warranty provided with your home. Please contact the manufacturer’s own customer service team.

We do not protect you against every problem that may occur and you are obliged to carry out maintenance on your home. Several limitations and conditions apply.

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