Our approach

We aim to integrate sustainability into the way we work for the benefit of our business, our customers, our people and all our stakeholders. One of our four core values is to build a proud and sustainable legacy.

Our sustainability framework

Our sustainability framework sets out our sustainability priorities. It reflects the importance we place on delivering great homes and communities for our customers while operating responsibly and investing in the future, including through research and innovation.

Our framework has been developed using the results of our materiality process and input from a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. We have also taken into account the long term social, economic and environmental trends that may affect our business and customers, as well as external frameworks such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are now undertaking further work to review and update our sustainability framework to ensure that it closely aligns with our new strategy.

Sustainability Framework

Roles and responsibilities

Our Chief Executive is the most senior company executive with ultimate accountability for sustainability issues. Sustainability issues are regularly discussed by our plc Board, our Group Management Team (GMT), which is our most senior executive committee, and also the Group Operations Team (GOT), which comprises the GMT and our Divisional Managing Directors. The GMT receive a monthly update on our progress against sustainability targets.

At an operational level, sustainability activities are coordinated by our Legacy, Engagement and Action for the Future (LEAF) committee. LEAF is chaired by Lee Bishop, our Major Developments Director, who is a representative of the GMT and reports to the plc Board twice a year.

Members of the LEAF committee include senior executives from our procurement, production, and design functions, and our regional businesses, our Director of Sustainability and our external sustainability consultant. It also includes a number of younger colleagues to represent the views of our future workforce.

At a project level, the sustainability aspects of a development are initially the responsibility of the land and planning departments with the involvement of the design teams. Project team members then have responsibility for ensuring that the appropriate sustainability measures are introduced as planned. Once work has begun on site, the production management team, including the Site Manager and contractors, takes on responsibility for ensuring that a wide range of site-specific sustainability issues are addressed and monitored.

We have recruited a network of Sustainability Champions, one from each of our regional businesses, to monitor and champion waste reduction and energy and water efficiency at the local level.

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