Our approach

We are committed to being a responsible homebuilder and are continuing to integrate sustainability into our business.

Adopting sustainable practices contributes to our business success. For example, by integrating sustainability into the way we design our developments we can create highly desirable places where our customers want to live. By improving environmental performance and working with suppliers on sustainability we can promote innovation, and reduce costs and business risk. By investing in skills and promoting diversity we can foster a productive and engaged workforce. By listening to and working with our stakeholders we safeguard our reputation and ensure we can access high-quality land and achieve the planning consents we need.

Our Sustainability Strategy sets out our sustainability principles and a range of strategic priorities and commitments that relate to key social, environmental and economic issues. It covers a wide range of sustainability topics in all areas of our Business Model, encompassing the way we work, the places we create and the homes we build. We have robust policies, procedures and governance structures in place to help us implement our strategy and to monitor and improve our performance.

We want to make sure we are focussing on the sustainability issues that matter most both for our business and our stakeholders and we carried out a formal materiality assessment during 2016.

For more information about our approach to sustainability, including our Sustainability Strategy, practices and targets, please see our latest Sustainability Report.

Sustainability management

Ultimate executive accountability for sustainability and climate issues continues to rest with our Chief Executive Pete Redfern. Sustainability issues are regularly discussed by our plc Board, our Group Management Team (GMT) which is our most senior executive committee and also the Group Operations Team, which comprises the GMT and our six Divisional Managing Directors.

Our Sustainability Steering Group (SSG) co-ordinates our sustainability activities at the operational level. It includes our Director of Sustainability Ian Heasman and is chaired by Lee Bishop, our Major Developments Director, who is a representative of the GMT.

We also have a number of committees and working groups overseeing particular aspects of sustainability such as our Charity Committee, Waste and Resources Group, Flood Risk Working Group and our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Committee.

At a project level, sustainability aspects of a development are initially the responsibility of the Land and Planning departments with the involvement of the Design teams. When planning permission has been obtained, project team members have responsibility for ensuring that the appropriate sustainability issues are introduced as planned. Once work has begun on site, the Production Management team, including the Site Manager and contractors, takes on responsibility for ensuring that a wide range of site-specific sustainability issues are addressed and monitored.

Health and safety and customer service form part of all Senior Managers’ business objectives and a proportion of our senior management bonus relates to customer service. Health and safety is a non-negotiable top priority for Taylor Wimpey and it therefore does not directly form part of our senior management bonus.

Our COMBINE (Co-ordinated Measurement of Business Information) system collects a wide range of non-financial and sustainability data from our regional business units. It covers health and safety, environment, sustainable construction, resource efficiency, planning and community engagement, employee and customer data.

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Corporate governance

Good corporate governance is essential and enables us to successfully deliver our business plans and objectives. We fully support the UK Corporate Governance Code and, for 2016, the Board has reviewed and is compliant with the Code.

Please see our Annual Report and Accounts for more details on our approach to corporate governance. 

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