5th December 2023

A new home offers a stress-free move on the property ladder for first-time buyers

First-time buyers Louise and Bruce are due to celebrate their first anniversary in their new home – a property they fell in love with from day one.

Stoneyetts Testimonial

Why a new build home was right for us

Initially, the couple hadn’t been sure about buying a new build home as Bruce explains: “We originally looked at second-hand properties across Glasgow when we started our search to buy our first home together. We talked about whether we should look at new builds at the start of our property journey but we thought the rooms would be too small for us. We also thought that we would quite like to do the work in a second-hand home to make it ours.

“To be honest it didn’t take us long to realise how far we would need to stretch our budget if we carried on that road. We lost out on several older properties and found that our offers were well short of what the property sold for. When we added in what we would have had to spend on the work we were right at the top of our budget. Plus, with no guarantees that we would have enough money to do everything that a property needed we quickly realised it just wasn’t working out for us.

“After quite a few disappointments trying to secure a second-hand property, we turned our attention to new build. In the end, the decision to buy our Andrew two bedroom home was taken in the quickest time we’ve ever decided to do anything!

“Buying new offers you a fixed priced so that just gave us comfort that we could manage our budget; we could move in without any DIY or work to do, plus over time we can make it our own. It’s crazy really – we haven’t had to do anything."


Stoneyetts Testimonials

Finding our perfect place

Their property journey took a positive turn as soon as the couple visited Stoneyetts View in Moodiesburn, as Louise continues: “They say that you don’t choose a property, that it chooses you!

“We both completely agree. When we first met Nicola, the sales executive here at Stoneyetts View, she was just so lovely and genuinely interested in getting the right house for us. While it’s her job to sell houses, we never felt that she was just trying to get a sale – she was so helpful and considerate in trying to help us to make the right choice."

The Andrew Taylor Wimpey new build
“We were surprised by the size of the rooms and the master bedroom is brilliant – we just never thought we’d get all that space and a garden for our budget. Our Andrew two bedroom is also not just a home for us now, it has future potential too which was also unexpected. I remember driving away from Nicola that day and thinking that I just couldn’t believe just how easy everything was.

“We never felt rushed, or that anything was too much trouble – reserving was just so straightforward. Nicola encouraged us to take our time to make sure everything felt right. And importantly after reserving, Nicola and the team gave us lots of reassurance throughout the process." 

Consistent support from the team

“At the beginning, there’s an initial flurry of excitement of choosing where you want to buy, arranging your mortgage and reserving your new home. Then everything quietens down as the process just kicks in and your home is being built.

“As first-time buyers, we didn’t know what to expect and for us it was really valuable to feel that we had someone who could answer all of our questions. Nicola was great – she kept in touch with regular updates on build progress, checked in with us generally and that helped us to confirm that we had made the right decision to buy a new home from Taylor Wimpey.”

TW staff with customer
The property market can feel daunting so as first-time buyers the couple it was tricky to know it was a good time to buy as Bruce adds: “At the time we bought, there was just so much going on with the economy, which of course is largely always true. Our mortgage rate changed three times in one day and to be honest, we could have crunched numbers for months, but we just knew it felt right to take the next step to reserve. Nicola’s communication with us was fab – she made everything easy for us and in the end, the whole process was a lot smoother than I expected.

“The whole team at Taylor Wimpey makes their part in making the journey smooth – our site manager Alan is brilliant. Even before our property was finished, we had an opportunity to meet him and visit our home at different stages of the build. And before we moved in, we had a meeting – to chat about how everything in our home worked. This gave us both a real sense of comfort. And you never feel on your own – everyone’s still here. They say hello and regularly check that everything is OK.”

Settling in

Move-in day is a very exciting time for everyone involved in the journey and the couple’s first day in their new home lived up to expectations as Louise adds: “Nicola had us well-prepared for our move-in day and she explained exactly what would happen and when – which as first-time buyers helped calm our nerves. Our move-in day was fab – everything ran like clockwork and exactly as we were expected, and our house was beautiful. Seeing all your choices come together and walking in was a really special moment.”

Taylor Wimpey West Scotland New build home
With more homeowners now bringing the development to life, the couple has settled in and is enjoying life as Bruce concludes: “We already feel settled here, and we’ve got great neighbours.

“There’s a lovely mix of young couples like us and families, and it’s great to see everyone just getting on with life. We recently got engaged and we feel that we’re part of a growing community.”

The couple has some advice for other first-time buyers considering their move onto the property ladder: “Visit the area and do your research and have your future plans in mind too. As first-time buyers working with a fixed price is great for your budget, and we’ve found the quality of our build has been great so that’s given us peace of mind too. We have friends who moved into a second-hand before us and they’re still working away on getting it right for them!"