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Understanding the build process

Site Managers looking at development plans

How we build a new home

Ever wondered how a new home is built? Here's our step by step guide to the process of building a new home. 

Before we start, lots of unseen work happens to make sure that the site is designed and engineered to meet local authority and warranty provider quality standards.


Before any bricks are laid, we clear the area allocated to your new home, level the ground removing top soil , vegetation etc. and bring services such as water, electricity, gas, drainage and infrastructure for broadband and telephone lines. and to the site. We also make sure that there is safe road access to your home. 

Site Managers with a clipboard on a development


Foundations solutions are selected and designed according to ground conditions and the size and type of home. The foundations of a home are there to make sure that there is an even weight load distribution and transfers the weight of your home to the ground. 
Site Managers looking at development plans

Walls and roofing

We use two different methods for building our external walls: masonry and timber frame. External masonry walls consist of an inner leaf of blocks and an outer wall of bricks. Thermal insulation fully or partially fills the cavity. Timber frame walls feature an internal load-bearing frame and an outer leaf of bricks. Rather than filling the cavity, the insulation fits within the depth of the preservative-treated timber. After this, we install your roof frame and covering.
Two men bricklaying

Pipes and wires

Before the internal walls are finished, the carpenters fit partitions and your stair case, the plumbers and electricians install the cables and plumbing  including any optional extras you may have selected. This includes preparation for your central heating, lighting, bathrooms and toilets, power sockets, smart technology and security devices. Once their work is done, the walls will be finished with plaster or plasterboard dry-lining. We call this stage the ‘First Fix and plaster/lining’. Your home will really be taking shape now.
Electrician working

Fixtures and finishes

Your home is now a bare but beautiful canvas, ready for the ‘Second Fix’. At this stage, skirting, architraves and doors are fitted and your kitchen, bathrooms, wardrobes and cupboards. Your sockets will go in, your toilets, showers and bath will be fitted, and your new appliances will fit seamlessly into their new homes. No detail will be spared, from doorbells and dimmer switches to curtains and coffee machines. We’ll paint your house from top to bottom and either lay your carpets, fit your flooring or do a bit of both.
Man painting ceiling

Quality assurance

All the way through your home being built, quality checks are undertaken and before we finish, one of our Customer Relations Managers will give your house a thorough check over, making sure that everything works and is constructed to a high standard. We’ll then sort out any certificates and warranties and give the place a good clean. When we’re happy that you’ll be happy, we’ll start the legal completion process and your Sales Executive will be in touch to arrange your Home Demonstration and ‘Home Move In’ date.
Woman checking quality