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Common clutter hotspots and how to deal with them

Clutter can be an issue for most households... Our guide reveals the top 5 clutter hotspots and how you can solve them by making simple lifestyle changes.

Living room table close up
Clutter. You know what we’re talking about. It's something which starts small but can quickly grow out of control if unmanaged (everyone has a messy drawer, right?). One day you realise every once-flat surface is now barely visible or the hidden storage spaces are so full just opening the cupboard door, without anything falling out, should be classed as an Olympic sport in itself. Every home has common clutter hotspots. It's inevitable. But does it have to be this way? The simple answer is no. If you can identify where your clutter congregates and make easy organisational changes, you'll soon find your home environment feels calmer and you'll feel happier.

Bedside table

We're sure you can relate. Not only do you have your everyday items (phone, iPad, reading book, watch) but you'll also have your evening ritual items (a drink, lip balm, moisturiser, glasses) too.

Bedside table with orange juice bottle close up

Kitchen counters

Kitchen counters are one of the most widely used spaces in a home. Everything but the kitchen sink tends to be on display. One large area + lots of flat surfaces = recipe for clutter. You may have endless unused appliances or too many utensils. Either way, a kitchen is the heart of a home so it's important to combat the clutter!

Kitchen surface with wine bottle, plant and glasses

Hall or Entryway

You've had a long day at work. All you want to do is leave your day at the door. Literally. You kick off your shoes, drop your coat, dump your bag and toss your keys. The next day you do the same again. And again. Sound familiar?


Hallway and stairs with view into living room

By the sink

Whether it be in the kitchen or bathroom, the sink tends to a place that gathers stuff. From the washing up brush and liquid and to toothbrushes and toiletries, it's easy to understand why the sink attracts clutter.

An easy fix is to buy a sink caddy will organise your basics and keep the area looking tidy.


Wardrobes or drawers

Let's face it, we all tried to tidy up with Marie Kondo. But, if like us, you haven't quite mastered the Japanese idea of less is more, then your wardrobe is likely to become a high-clutter area.

Easy fixes:

Bedroom with built in wardrobes