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You’ve worked hard to get your new home just the way you like it, so make sure you keep your belongings safe and secure.

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Keeping your home safe and secure

When you're going off on holiday or away for the weekend, it's important to make sure you've secured your home both outside and in. Here's our guide to good home security. 

Be cyber safe

Tempting as it is to upload your holiday snaps from the beach or boast about the gig tickets you’ve bought; you’re effectively telling
strangers when you’re not at home. Share your memories after the event.
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Hide the clues

In the same vein, think about what people can see through your windows. Don’t leave calendars in full view, especially if you’ve marked your holiday dates in shocking pink! And keep those keys and gadgets away from open windows.
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Out of sight

Don’t make it easy for passers-by to scope out your valuables or work out the layout of your home. If you’re out a lot, draw the curtains, pull down the blinds or cover your downstairs windows with frosted window film.

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Lock it, don't lose it

When the weather warms up it’s lovely to open the windows and doors to get a bit of breeze. Just make sure you close and lock them when you’re out of the room or popping out of the house.

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