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How to make the most of a compact bedroom

Dream big in your tiny sleepspace, with these simple tips to maximise a compact bedroom.

Byford bedroom

Choose slimline bedside tables

If you want to squeeze a bed as well as two side tables into a narrow space, the trick is to think small. Ditch the idea of purchasing wide drawer units and go for a slim design instead. After all, you only really need space for a book, a lamp and perhaps a glass.

Here, for instance the small scale bedsides tuck neatly within the boundary of the headboard. The space-saving lamps are an ideal choice too, as they don’t take up too much space on surface.

For an even more compact solution, consider using shelves in place of bedside tables. A small ledge will take up much less space, and free up the area below as well. 

Braxton bedroom

Be clever with storage

No room for a wardrobe? Some creative thinking could help here. Take this room for example, the lack of vertical height could have dampened the owner’s storage goals. Instead, they’ve used the area below the eaves to fit in some incredibly useful cupboards.

The key is to make use of every centimetre of space and look out for storage items that veer away from the usual dimensions. Underbed drawers, for instance are great for storing linen, while a rail hanging from the ceiling is great for storing pretty dresses or outdoor jackets.

Braxton bedroom

Create a cocoon

It can be tempting to use a pale colour scheme in a compact room to brighten the space, but you could embrace your bedroom’s cosy dimensions instead. A darker tone will make the room feel snug and create a cocooning place to relax.

A palette of green and red will make the room feel restful and grounded, while cooler tones such as the blue and dusky pink in this room will create a calm, tranquil sanctuary. 

Baxter bedroom

Make furniture work harder

If you can’t fit all the furniture items you need in your compact bedroom, think about how you can make one piece as useful as two. Furniture that multitasks will be a game changer in your compact bedroom, so look out for seats that lift up to reveal hidden storage or a chest of drawers that doubles up as a vanity unit.

Here, a desk has been strategically positioned next to the bed. The owner can use it as a work area or vanity space during the day and as a bedside table in the evening. 

Amersham bedroom