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How to make your home more energy efficient

Help to save the planet and save thousands per year with an energy efficient new home from Taylor Wimpey. Check out our top tips for a greener home

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Why do we need energy efficient homes?

Keeping cosy and warm indoors while reducing our carbon footprint is a key priority for everyone including Taylor Wimpey. Good news then that all of our new homes are packed with energy efficient features to help save the planet and go easy on your bank balance. Don’t just take our word for it though, as according to a recent report from the HBF (Home Builders Federation)* you could save thousands on annual energy bills with a new build house. Sustainable features are a huge part of the Taylor Wimpey new home, from good quality insulation to energy efficient appliances, water saving taps and zoned heating systems.

DID YOU KNOW: Most Taylor Wimpey homes come with an A or B energy efficiency – that’s compared with less than 4% of existing homes reaching the same standard*. You’ll also get complete peace of mind with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) that lets you know the property’s typical energy costs.  

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Insulate your home

Keep snug as a bug indoors with a well-insulated home from Taylor Wimpey. We carefully design all of our new homes to be energy efficient and that includes high-quality insulated roofs, walls and windows. Good insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature all year round without the need to crank up the heating – or use umpteen fans to cool down in the summer. Friends of the Earth say 15% of the UK’s emissions come from heating our homes. But measures like cavity wall insulation can help cut bills by up to 20% and reduce emissions by more than a half. ** 

DIY ECO HACK: All Taylor Wimpey homes are fitted with energy efficient zoned heating systems. Turning down the thermostat by just a few degrees can make a big difference to your impact on the planet – and your bank balance. Fit thicker curtains and use draught excluders so stop heat escaping.  

Photo credit: Stop heat escaping with this linen draught excluder from Helen Round, 

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Upgrade appliances

Our day to day lives have been revolutionised by washing machines, fridge-freezers and dishwashers. But are your appliances energy efficient or energy guzzlers? We fit all of our new homes with eco appliances for a smaller carbon footprint – great for the planet and your bank balance. Replace any old models with energy-saving upgrades to help cut utility bills. Look for appliances rated with A+, A++ or A+++ energy labels, the darkest green colour category. And remember to recycle or donate your old appliances.  

DID YOU KNOW: New homes use significantly less energy (105KWh per m2 per year) compared with older properties which need around 248kWh per m2*. 

DIY ECO HACK: Run washing machines and dishwashers on full loads and switch from 40°C to 30°C. Unplug all appliances (including TVs, games consoles and computers) at the socket and save up to £50 a year.  

Photo credit: Turn off your tech to save energy and money. Woood Basu Pine TV Stand from 
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Install solar panels

How about generating your own renewable energy with solar panels? Installing solar panels on your property can generate free, clean electricity and hot water – and help reduce your carbon footprint. Friends of the Earth** reckon hot water panels are more efficient than solar electricity ones – but more costly. But if you can, fit both. And it says that solar panels will probably pay for themselves in around 10 years. Wise investment. 

DIY ECO HACK: Switch to energy saving light bulbs such as LEDs and save money but keep rooms well lit. LED bulbs also last longer. Such a bright idea! 

Photo credit: The Charcoal Diffuser Wall Light is powered by an energy-saving, LED built-in bulb. Available from 
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Save water

Don’t forget good water-saving habits. We depend on water for drinking, washing and cleaning but we need to do our bit at home to help conserve this depleting natural resource. Our new build homes include sustainable zoned heating systems and water saving taps to help reduce carbon footprint. Switch to an eco-efficient, low flow shower head – and take shorter showers. Get a low-flush toilet and don’t fill your kettle up to the top – just boil the water you need. Catch rainwater in a water butt and save up to a whopping 5,000 litres of water a year. And cut water use by 33% by watering plants manually instead of using automatic sprinklers. 

DID YOU KNOW: Taylor Wimpey new build homes come with a smaller carbon footprint than an equivalent second-hand property. Great news for the planet and lower energy bills.

DIY ECO HACK: Turn off your tap while you brush your teeth and save six litres of water a minute. Fix any leaky taps around the home to stop water literally running away.  

Photo credit: The slick DuElec shower features digital touch controls and an A energy rating. From 

*Figures sourced from HBF “Watt a Save” report July 2023 - 

**Saving energy at home: heating and insulation – Friends of the Earth