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How to recreate an Indian summer mood at home

Keep the sunshine glow alive with warm earthy hues and exotic prints.

Pink lamp shade

1. Sunshine state of mind

Summer is still here. Time to indulge in the warmer days, the brighter light and the promise of a scorcher (fingers crossed!). Enjoy BBQs on the patio, morning coffee in the garden and an alfresco drink under the stars. While we don't want you to wish your seasons away, autumn is in touching distance. But even when summer starts drifting away, you can keep hold of this happy-go-lucky mood at home with a few simple design tricks. Harness the power of warm colour and feel-good fabrics and let the sunshine state of mind take you up to Christmas…

TIP: The Met Office defines an Indian summer as a 'warm, calm spell of weather occurring in autumn, especially in October and November'. Yes please, we're in

Credit: Moroccan wool pots and plates in a vibrant palette from Bohemia ( 

Moroccan wool pots

2. Baked in colours

Warm, earthy hues will spread an Indian summer glow across every room in the house. Think baked terracotta, rust, tan and umber shot through with golden yellow and pale khaki. It's a colour palette that's oh so welcoming – and works across every season. It's also bang on trend for 2023. Try painting walls in cosy caramel and honey tones for a neutral that's sophisticated yet sultry. Go for wrap around colour on walls and woodwork to max out the warm-hearted mood. In the kitchen, try a mustard accessory and mix up sage and pale wheat in the bathroom for a feel-good style. 

TIP: Bold colour fans can add a spirited touch to the Indian summer palette with sky blue and turmeric accents

Credit: This warm reddish orange paint will infuse every space with a summer mood. Mellow Orange Emulsion Paint from YesColours (
Reddish orange paint

3. Add pattern and print

Spice up the summer mood with busy pattern and print – one of our favourite style steals for an Indian summer. Ikat fabrics are bright, bold and perfect for lampshades, bedding and cushions. Layer up with bold florals in indigo, rust, emerald and hot pink for a tropical mode. For indoor and outdoor eating, colourful cookware in exotic patterns will liven up every meal. Finish off with trays, rugs and table runners in vibrant Moroccan tile prints and Indian motifs. You'll be transported to a faraway bolthole without leaving the front door.

TIP: Terracotta floor tiles are a signature, sunshine style. If your budget doesn't stretch to authentic, handcrafted tiles, try hardwearing porcelain in rusty hues 

Credit: Pooky x Matthew Williamson Ikat shade in pink (
Pink lamp shade

4. Get outdoors

It's never too late in the year to get outside for eating, drinking and being very merry. Yes, it's time to go Scandi and celebrate the great outdoors even when summer ends. Invest in a firepit that doubles up as a grill and grab a stash of blankets to keep everyone cosy as the temperature dips. Fold-up outdoor furniture, gold Moroccan style mirrors and a bright garden rug will warm up the gloomiest day. Add in a portable, waterproof speaker and strings of fairy lights and keep the summer mood going strong. 

TIP: A DIY outdoor cinema is the ultimate alfresco experience. Pick a cosy spot and make sure all tech is protected against the elements

Credit: Solar Topaz Moroccan Lantern in terracotta orange from Festive Lights (
Moroccan lantern