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Kitchen storage

Discover the best kitchen storage options to help you organise your space and keep your kitchen in tip-top shape.

Kitchen diner
Before you can begin to organise your kitchen effectively you must understand what it is that needs organising. Instead of holding on to items ‘just in case’, be ruthless in your decluttering. Check the expiration dates on perishable and non-perishable goods and throw out anything that is out of date; then deep clean your cupboards and fridge. Not only will this allow you to clearly see remaining items that need to be organised, but it will also free up precious kitchen storage space. 

Add a utensil rail

In the kitchen, drawer space is as crucial as it is precious. To enable you to maximise drawer space for other kitchen items, consider hanging a copper rail along the top of your splashback or on the wall above your sink. This is where you could hang frequently used utensils, or even mugs or chopping boards. Not only will this make an interesting decorative feature, but it will also allow you to utilise space in a practical way.

Make use of decorative jars

Decant bulk items into kitchen storage jars or containers. This will help you to free up cupboard space while also allowing ingredients to be neat and visible. You could also try to create a stylish worktop or cupboard display with your storage jars; arrange by height order or colour, and, if you’re extra organised, create name labels for the front of each jar.
Kitchen jars

Make use of dividers

If you have a tendency to shove pots and pans into the cupboard and just hope for the best but are confronted with the inevitable loud crash every time you open the door, then utilising dividers and lids may be for you. Installing pan dividers will help you keep pots and pans separate, giving you the space to be able to stack pots with lids carefully. If you like to bake, you can organise the baking trays by placing them perpendicular to the divider.
Sauce pans

[1] House type dependent